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9 Ways to Master a Glow Job According to Nam Vo

You know makeup artist Nam Vo for her mesmerizing (and often blinding) “highlighter porn” that racks up hundreds of thousands of likes on Instagram. Her loyal followers, a group she affectionately refers to as “my dumplings,” gathered recently at Milk Studios in Los Angeles to watch the goddess of glow in action at her masterclass. But long before Vo developed her signature #dewydumpling look embraced by everyone from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Chrissy Teigen, she was working with an entirely different set of celebs. 

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The Holistic Goddess: Shiva Rose

Long before Gwyneth Paltrow spawned Goop and the concept of wellness became inextricably linked to beauty, there was Shiva Rose. Tucked away in the Santa Monica Mountains, the actress, activist, author, entrepreneur, and Hollywood earth mother regularly whips up lotions and potions for lit-from-within skin in her Los Angeles oasis. Her transition from the big and small screens to the beauty business began with a holistic blog, The Local Rose, designed to document her path.

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@Mancrediblebeauty Shares His Beauty Routine!

"Here’s an inside look into my personal routines and the products on Materiae I think you should add to your own." - Josh Blaylock

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The 7-Day Spring Refresh

While the warmer months are finally upon us, your skin and strands are likely still stuck in winter mode. Here, seven product picks that will instantly reset your routine from hair to toe.

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The Skin Electrician: Melanie Simon

Known as both the electrical esthetician to the stars and co-founder of ZIIP, Melanie Simon’s journey started from rather humble beginnings. In fact, her passion for perfect skin was sparked by her sister’s science project. “She tested different moisturizers on the skin of nectarines from the same bundle,” Simon explained.

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The Mane Master: Sacha Mitic

Sacha Mitic, co-founder of cult-favorite brand, Sachajuan, is an “accidental hairstylist.” His inadvertent rise to the top of the beauty world started with an attempt to woo a woman wielding scissors. “When I was 14, I had my hair cut in a big salon in Gothenburg, Sweden by this really cute girl,” Mitic explained.

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Hello Beauty: How to become a Successful Beauty Brand

With a slew of beauty brands emerging everywhere, there is still only a few that will be truly successful. The triumph of these few beauty brands could be the doings of David Pirrotta. David Pirrotta is this week’s Hello Beauty guest, where he shares his new endeavor called Materiae.

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The Retail Visionary: Brian Bolke

Brian Bolke—co-founder of Forty Five Ten and mastermind behind The Conservatory, an immersive and carefully curated shopping experience at NYC’s new Shops at Hudson Yards (more on that later)—has always felt at home in stores. His father’s work took his family from city to city as a child, but Bolke never failed to find refuge in retail.

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@DirtyBoysGetClean Top 10 Cleansers

The first step of your skincare routine is to get your face clean so that you can start your skincare routine with a clean slate. It is so important to get all of the dirt, grime, makeup, and pollution off of your face so that your serums, moisturizers, and oils can penetrate deeper so that they are more effective. 

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The Chicest New Hair Salon in New York

On the fifth floor of The Webster lies the chicest new hair salon in New York City’s Soho—a neighborhood already replete with high-end hair offerings. David Mallett opened the proverbial doors to his first New York City salon on October 16th—and New Yorkers have welcomed him with open arms.

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The Connoisseur of Cool: David Pirrotta

He’s launched 76 beauty brands and counting. He’s clocked countless hours at cult-favorite cosmetics companies, including RéVive, Red Flower, Art of Shaving, among many others. He’s responsible for bringing Rodin—a now-iconic name that started with a single face oil—to product aficionados all over the world.