Skincare... But Make it For Your Butt

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Skincare... But Make it For Your Butt
It feels a little discriminatory that our faces get all the glory when it comes to skincare. We hop out of the shower, and slather our bods with moisturizer (IF we’re feeling generous or like we have the time) and then gently, tenderly, lovingly pat 6 different products in intentional succession into our bright shining mugs. Does the rest of our skin simply not need it?

The answer is, sort of. The skin on our face is definitely, significantly different from the skin on the rest of our bodies, and tends to get blasted with more environmental factors, free radicals, and suffer from blemishes. But that doesn’t mean the other areas of our body don’t require some TLC to shine. Literally and figuratively.

There are many areas of the body we could focus on, but for today, we’re thinking about our cute little butts. Our rear ends seem to get a little more social time in the heat of the summer, but we also like to put our best backside forward in other areas of our lives, like during intimacy, certain revealing outfits, etc. And because this is such a glorified body part, we want it to look our best, of course.

The skin on our bums is very different from the skin on our face. It’s thick, fleshy, comes with a layer of soft downy protective hair, and most blood vessels are much farther from the surface, since we'd otherwise be sitting on them all day. 

We don’t always suffer from the same skin issues that many people deal with on their faces, but it does happen. So how do we keep things smooth, fresh, and ready for its debut? Do we use our pricey skincare on our bums and hope for the best? Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Sheliagh of Stryke Club weighs in on all things behind.

“Rashes, bumps and pimples can occur anywhere on the body— even in sensitive areas like the bottom! There is no reason to be embarrassed about this, and most of these minor skin ailments can be easily taken care of,” Dr. Sheliagh assures us. 

“During the summer months especially, heat, sweat and friction can wreak havoc on our skin, especially on the bottom where chafing, pimples and folliculitis can occur. Sitting in your damp swimsuit for hours at a time can also lead to the same types of breakouts. In addition, these areas are rich in hair follicles, making irritation of hair follicles from shaving another concern in this region. The vast majority of the time, these breakouts (ie: pimples!) are due to overgrowth of bacteria on the skin.

Other rashes like the chafing from heat and friction lead to inflammation of the skin in the form of irritant dermatitis or even eczema. 

Caring for the skin in these regions should be aimed at gently reducing inflammation and removing bacteria. Here are some tips: If the skin has active pimples or pustules, consider using a body wash that is aimed at addressing acne. Choose one that contains active ingredients like Benzoyl Peroxide or Sodium Hypochlorite, which help to reduce bacteria and inflammation. 

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We also recommend exfoliation. Try a dry brush before the shower and massage it over the area in circular motions before jumping in the shower and opting for an exfoliating body wash, or efficacious scrub, there are so many great ones to choose from. And of course, don’t forget to polish the final product with ample moisture! 

We especially love a coffee scrub, because not only does the scrubbing motion itself elevate circulation, but the caffeine plumps and invigorates to help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

After cleansing, it is important to apply a moisturizer to help restore the altered skin barrier. Something hypoallergenic and fragrance free is great!

Simple drugstore brands are great if you’re super sensitive, but we also love richly emollient options like body oils and rich creams. These ointment-like textures are perfect  for “chafing and inflamed skin as application of an ointment will not sting or burn irritated areas,” Dr. Sheliagh explains. “If your rashes don't respond, it could be time to see your doctor, as larger bumps/boils or persistent rashes may need more treatment.”

So next time you’re massaging all the goodies into your face, carve out a little extra time to exfoliate, hydrate, and moisturize your bum so that you can strut confidently poolside, shoreside, or bedside. 

Written by Nicole Leismeister

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