Simple Nail Art You Can Do At Home

If you can draw a line, then you can do this nail art.
Simple Nail Art You Can Do At Home
So your favorite nail salon is closed and you're responsibly practicing shelter-in-place? Well, now is the time to practice your at home nail art skills while doing your own mani pedi. Jin Soon Choi, the fashion editorial and celebrity go-to manicurist shows us how to do a simple yet chic nail art that anyone can easily execute on their own. Simply put, if you can draw a line, then you can do this nail art.

Step 1:  Shape and clean nails.

Step 2:  Apply JINsoon HyperRepair to all nails.

Step 3:  Apply two coats of JINsoon Muse to all nails.

Step 4:  With a striping brush paint thin triangles on each nail using JINsoon Absolute Black. Start by painting a thin angled line. Then paint over the line again making the line slightly wider at one end, this will form a thin triangle. Repeat on all nails. 

(Tip: If you don't have a striping brush, cut bristles off a regular brush to create one)

Step 5:  Apply JINsoon HyperGloss to all nails.

Step 6:  After a few minutes apply a drop of JINsoon HyperDry to each nail and continue drying. 

Written by Cody Sai

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