How David Pirrotta Does Spring

Favorite Things: Spring Edition
How David Pirrotta Does Spring
With the arrival of the fresh spring season, I’m excited to connect with readers, gurus, and fellow beauty fans. I’m always inspired by others’ expert routines, and revealing my own feels like a brilliant place to start. Typically, spring is when I like to show a little skin, but given the circumstances and lingering cool temps, I’m taking advantage of this prolonged respite at home. Let’s slow things down and care for our bodies— the time is now for radical self-care.

Shed Some Layers

Temps are rising, and clothes are getting a bit more minimal. My favorite way to prep for this is Saya’s Coconut Body Polish. It’s called a polish for a reason, I step out of the shower like a shiny newborn. It doesn’t have that phony coconut scent, but a very natural, sweet and earthy coconut essence that makes me smell tropical and hydrated, not like a tiki drink.

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Moist is Not a Dirty Word

After exfoliating the rest of winter’s dullness from top to bottom, I love to hydrate with Saya’s Rich Body Cream mixed with a little of their Argan Oil. Their shower gel is also so beautiful— I trust their ingredients because this Aussie brand sources all their indigenous ingredients from the motherland, so it’s very clean and true to the integrity of where it all comes from. Plus, they are closer to the equator, so they know what it means to hydrate.

Keep the Tone 

Health is a priority for me, especially within the last year. I’ve made some wellness strides, and I’m excited to show it off this season. However, sometimes we can all use a little help from our friends. One of my bffs in this department is Costa Brazil Firming Body Oil. It’s incredible for tightening and moisturizing the skin, especially areas where you might be holding onto some cellulite. Like me, because I’m a human. I find it works so well on the abdominal area.

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Faux Glow

You know what they say, if you can’t tone it, tan it! This is the perfect prep for a little self-tanner so as not to scare anyone with any leftover winter pallor. I’m a huge fan of a little color boost when used properly and sparingly. A quality self tanner will not make you turn orange, no matter how pale you are. My lineage is Cuban and Sicilian, so if it turns even me orange, throw it out. That’s the rule.

Inside Out

A vitamin boost is a lot more than laying poolside or slathering on incredible products. I’m a huge fan of Remedy Place on Sunset, where I take my spring reboot to the next level. The hyperbaric chamber is like an oxygen facial for your whole bod, and the infrared sauna helps to wring those last bits of winter (and maybe a couple indulgent happy hours) out of me. Vitamin, Peptide, and Glutathione IVs do incredible things for not just my skin but my energy, which I’ll need if I’m going to Marie Kondo my life, spring style.

Remedy Place

Spring Clean

I’m a religious purger. Don’t worry, the good kind. I love to bid a proper farewell to a ton of stuff at least twice a year. I come from a family that likes to hang onto things, but I love to make space for that new new, especially this time of year. If you clear the space, things will bloom in its place. That’s my philosophy.

Cool Off

While I’m hydrating, detoxing, cleansing, and getting my nature in, this slightly less glamorous trick is just as important to me: ice bathing. Before I scare you, note that you really only need to sit in the ice bath for 3-4 minutes to reap major benefits, like depuffing and lymphatic movement, the break-up of stagnant lactic acids, tighter, softer skin, and a wakefulness to which no double espresso can compare.

Plant the Seed

I also like to kick off the season by taking a little respite from alcohol and focusing on wellness and mental clarity. I’m a firm believer that what you put in your body shows up on the outside, and this includes your thoughts. So wake up and have all that lemon water, collagen powder, and green juice goodness but also give yourself 15 minutes of meditation or reflection, and time to grow. ‘Tis the season, afterall.

Written by David Pirrotta │ Nicole Lesmeister
Photos by Isabella Behravan

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