Clean Cocktails That Are Easy to Make at Home

Mouthwatering recipes to try at home while skipping sugar and other unnecessary additives.
Clean Cocktails That Are Easy to Make at Home
If you’re finding yourself with a load of extra leisure time on your hands these days, you’re in mass company with the rest of the entire planet. Isn’t that an insane concept? That the entire world is going through this together? Anyway, I digress.

We might all be experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic very differently, of course. But for a lot of us, it means consuming a bit more alcohol from the comfort of our own homes than usual. If you’ve got nothing on the agenda, it’s hard not to let happy hour creep up a little earlier each day.

If you’re concerned about the caloric content or lack of nutritional value of your newly developed coping habits, we feel you. We certainly aren't condoning drinking more—we’re fans of staying hydrated and healthy and using this time for some radical self care—but we are on the indulgence train as well. Let’s make the most of this time!

We spoke with partner of the bar Black, Jessica DellaTorre, who also happens to be a masterful and creative bartender with a taste for keeping things light. She loves the idea of a “wellness cocktail,” and shared some mouthwatering recipes to try at home while skipping sugar and other unnecessary additives that make boozing all the worse for us.

Skinny Watermelon Margarita

For something DellaTorre deems “bright and sweet without any added sugar,” try her Skinny Watermelon Margarita, you’ll need a shaker.

3oz. Fresh watermelon juice (you can just blend it, but if you don’t want pulpy texture, juice it. DellaTorre prefers it juiced)

• 1.5oz blanco tequila

• 1oz fresh lime juice

• Shake and pour over ice, salt or tajin optional.

Amaro Spritzer

This next drink DellaTorre shares is low ABV. “I usually drink this when my goal is to not get drunk, (ha!). It’s perfect when I want something chill, refreshing, and savory.” Amaro Spritzer

 2oz Amaro (DellaTorre’s favorite is Amaro Montenegro)

• 1oz lemon juice

• Pour over ice, and top with soda water or seltzer. Lightly stir in the glass, and optional to top with an olive or little pickle for something extra sour.

Carrot Mezcal Elixir

This next drink is a total beauty cocktail, and involves high beta-carotene carrot juice, anti-inflammatory ginger, and high vitamin C lemon juice. “Carrot juice is naturally sweet. The spice in the ginger and acid from the lemon juice make this a balanced cocktail.” Carrot Mezcal Elixir 

• 2oz mezcal (DellaTorre’s favorite is Madre Mezcal or Yola Mezcal)

 1.5 oz carrot juice

• .5 oz fresh lemon juice

• Shake, pour over ice

• Add a splash of ginger beer, ginger kombucha, or even a dash of ginger juice for a stronger flavor.

Written by Nicole Lesmeister

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