The A-List of Australian Beauty

A-Beauty is only getting stronger as new formulas make their way Stateside.
The A-List of Australian Beauty
For Materiae founder David Pirrotta, Australian beauty brands were at the top of his must-have (and must-give!) list during the holiday season—and it’s one indulgence the connoisseur of cool doesn’t plan on kicking in 2020. In fact, the LA-based entrepreneur’s affection for all things A-Beauty is only getting stronger as new formulas make their way Stateside.

While other countries capitalize on multi-step routines, Aussies often take a simpler approach that is grounded in natural, good-for-you ingredients (many of which are derived directly from Down Under). And with long-haul flights being almost second nature for Australians, you’re guaranteed to find some of the best red-eye remedies and dry skin saviors stemming from the far-flung continent.
Here, a few of our favorite A-beauty finds:

Saya Rich Body Crème, $50

Created in Noosa, a resort area on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, this brand was founded by Saya McDermott who believes in the power of pure, plant-based products. The range features formulas chockfull of Australian botanicals like Kakadu plum, Crown of Gold, Illawarra flame tree, and quandong. All four ingredients can be found in this silky body cream along with moisturizing shea butter, macadamia oil, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. Even better: the natural and clean coconut scent will instantly transport your senses to “a fabulous holiday in the South Pacific,” says Pirrotta.

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Dr. Roebucks – Ningaloo Firming Serum, $68

Founded by sisters and Bondi Beach babes, Kim and Zoe Roebuck, this brand was inspired sunny days on the sand—and their personal battle with dry, sensitive skin. Over four decades ago, their parents (both doctors) developed a solution by “removing ingredients instead of adding them.” The clean beauty brand’s blue serum follows the same philosophy. The breakthrough formula contains six powerful ingredients designed to firm skin and improve elasticity, including copper peptides, Australian Banksia flower extract (a species indigenous to Down Under), and hyaluronic acid.

Leif Desert Lime Body Cleanser, $39

Darwin would undoubtedly have approved of this beauty brand that spotlights botanical extracts and essential oils sourced from some of continent’s most resilient species. And this zesty body wash formulated with desert lime, a native fruit that thrives in the harsh Australian outback, is no exception.

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Grown Alchemist Travel Kit, $81

Known for its use of natural actives backed by science, you can experience the best of the Aussie brand via this eight-piece set that includes everything from a gentle face cleanser infused with bergamot and geranium leaf to a refreshing shampoo laced with Damask rose, black pepper, and sage. Whether you’re hopping a quick flight or in it for the long haul, this TSA-friendly kit has you covered.

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David Mallet Australian Salt Spray, $45

Superstar hairstylist David Mallett may jet most frequently between New York and Paris where he opened his namesake salons, but he actually hails from Australia. For tons of tousled texture that looks like it was created by the wind and waves at Bondi Beach, spritz this mist infused with Murray River Salt, an ingredient sourced from New South Wales that’s rich in magnesium and calcium for healthy hair.

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Flight Mode Cloud Mister, $50

Leave it to the Aussies to create a pocket-sized solution to dry, stale air at 40,000 feet. This portable humidifier uses advanced atomization to refresh and replenish skin with moisturizing microparticles anytime, anywhere. Prepare for takeoff by filling device’s tank with water and land looking glowy.

The Beauty Chef Well Spray Inner Beauty Support, $29

The philosophy behind this Aussie beauty brand founded by Carla Oates is that beauty begins in the belly. Perfect for cold and flu season, this TSA-friendly spray is packed with bio-fermented superfoods like pomegranate and elderberry, as well as potent herbs such as olive leaf, sage, and calendula. Selenium strengthens the immune system, while biotin is said to improve digestion as well as hair, skin, and nail health. Spritz this natural remedy throughout the day (or a lengthy flight) to help keep germs at bay.

Asarai Earth Tones Face Mask, $35

Developed by an Australian naturopath, this brand’s motto is to keep things simple and real by using fresh-from-the-earth ingredients like detoxifying red and white kaolin clay from Down Under. This fan favorite face mask also features vitamin-C rich Kakadu plum, exfoliating rainforest lime fruit extract, moisturizing sunflower seed oil, and soothing aloe vera.

Frank Body A-Beauty Scrub, $19

Based in Melbourne, one of this brand’s newest scrub spotlights the best of Australian ingredients, including eucalyptus (a natural, acne-fighting antiseptic), Kakadu plum (a fruit that boasts the highest concentration of vitamin C in the world), finger lime (a powerful exfoliator packed with AHAs), and vitamin-rich macadamia oil.

Written by Amber Kallor

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