The Ultimate Gift Guide; Founders’ Favorite’s Edition

Because every brand we carry is a company, product line, and person that we completely stand behind (and often, obsess over), it only makes perfect sense that we would trust their taste as well. We asked the founders of each of our brands to share what they’re gifting this year to help us create a festive guide that makes your holiday shopping idyllically curated.
The Ultimate Gift Guide; Founders’ Favorite’s Edition
Because every brand we carry is a company, product line, and person that we completely stand behind (and often, obsess over), it only makes perfect sense that we would trust their taste as well. We asked the founders of each of our brands to share what they’re gifting this year to help us create a festive guide that makes your holiday shopping idyllically curated. Not only did each founder share their favorite item from their line to gift, but also a little something special from outside their business, just to help you get the creative-gifting ideas flowing and abundant this year.
Trudon, a fragrance company founded in 1643 (that’s a long running time, folks) makes gorgeous gifts. David recommends a Trudon candle in the Ernesto fragrance “So that you can always have a piece of me waiting in your living room to come to— a stubborn Cuban.”

Trudon Ernesto Candle

Trudon Ernesto

Of course, his gift idea that is not a part of the David Pirotta family doesn’t fall far from the theme of fragrance. David’s home is constantly filled with wistful and energetically cleansing moments on the nose from candles, palo santo, smudges, and incense, and he loves the idea of gifting one of the gorgeously memorable incense kits by Astier De Villante to please the senses.
Kyle’s favorite scent to gift from his own line of incredible olfactory offerings? Balance Parfum. With a clean top, a floral middle, and a lusty-warm finish, it’s a crowd-pleaser that many find themselves in love with at first mist.
As for his select gift item not from his special brand? A cozy and functional sweater by Acne Studios brings novelty and excitement, not to mention a necessary winter layer.

Jack Henry Balance

Jack Henry Balance

Amolm is the Swedish word for “cloud,” and that’s what any lucky recipient will be floating on once they unwrap this gift selection. Aice chooses the Museet hand cream because: “It works wonders! Great texture, is thick but not sticky on the skin, has top-notch moisturizing and skin-plumping qualities, and can even be used as a perfume substitute. It smells extremely sexy and sophisticated. We are gifting it to everyone on our list.”
Aice's choice to gift outside of Amoln? Something a little unique. A bucida tree, because they love the shape, the small leaves, and the special ambiance it adds to any indoor space.

Amoln Museet Hand Cream

Amoln Museet Hand Cream

Well, this stunning brand is a chocolate company. Need we say more? Rebecca of course recommends any of their chocolates. However, there is one that stands out for the season, she explains: “Our Matcha Rose botanical chocolate bar is festive in green, covered in rose petals, and delivers a little bit of helpful holiday matcha energy!”
Of course, Rebecca is a botanical lover through and through, so she recommends indoor plants when it comes to her gift selection aside from her line. “A potted petite orange tree to carry everyone through the winter and keep the house scented in orange blossom.”

The Quiet Botanist Matcha Rose Chocolate Bar

The Quiet Botanist Matcha Rose

Almira knows that her line was made for gifting. “Our Candle Discovery Sets (La Dolce Vita and Tall, Dark & Handsome) make for the ideal gift, offering your giftee the opportunity to indulge in multiple captivating scents conveniently sized for travel,” she shares. “These sets are perfect for scent layering, with each fragrance harmonizing beautifully with the others to enhance any space.”
Her gift of choice not from her line? Well that’s easy too. “I adore gifting flowers, as they effortlessly brighten any home with their timeless beauty and vibrant charm. Their simple elegance adds warmth and joy to any space, making them a cherished expression of affection and appreciation.”

Lumira La Dolce Vita Candle Set

Lumira Tall Dark and Handsome Candle Set

Aromatherapy just doesn’t go out of style. That’s why Jessica’s favorite choice is their Campo Relax Travel Diffuser Kit. “It’s the perfect universal gift that screams luxe, wellness, and jet setter!
My go-to gift [not from the Campo line] is anything by Smythson. The Inspirations and Ideas Panama Notebook is always a crowd-pleaser! If time permits you can personalize it.

Relax Travel Diffuser Kit Matte White

Campo Relax Travel Diffuser Kit -Matte Black

Melanie Mayron, the daughter of a chemist, tells us her number one gift to give from Mayron’s— the Ouch Balm. “This calendula balm is one of our most amazing and useful products that my dad made. The 29% calendula and 8 % zinc oxide make it a formidable formulation to combat bug bites, burns, cuts, and bruises. It really is a magic combination of botanicals. When a burn throbs, you put this on and the throwing stops immediately. If you have itchiness from a bug bite you put this on and the itchiness goes away. It’s fantastic!”
Her favorite gift other than Mayron’s Goods still falls in the realm of her family’s legacy of genius. “I am partial to my father’s formulas, and he made an antibacterial hand sanitizer for my sister’s brand, Jao Brand, and that is simply called JAO. It has 65 % alcohol but the rest is essential oils which hydrate the skin after the consistent alcohol use has dried it out. A supreme gift and I am still keeping it in the family… and passing on Dad’s brilliance.”

Mayron's Goods Ouch Balm

Jao Hand Refresher

Superegg skincare is super effective, hydrating, and vegan, making it wonderful for all. However, skincare can be super personal, so there are two major standout gifts in Erica Choi’s lineup.
“My gift choice would be our This Moment Hand Care, or Sound Renewal Serum Cream! These versatile formulas are suitable for everyone on your list, and they come in our signature egg-shaped packaging, making them a joy to give and receive as gifts. If you're looking for a gift outside of Superegg, I suggest a lovely candle from Trudon. Dada is my favorite!” We love a full-circle moment.

Superegg Sound Renewal Serum Cream

Superegg This Moment Hand Cream

Gone are the days of grabbing a powder-scented deodorant from the pharmacy. Deodorant is elevated, it’s natural, it’s nourishing, and the fragrances meld with our own bodies for truly romantic chemistry. Yeah, we’re waxing poetic about deodorant, all thanks to Corpus’ incredible fragrances of which we simply can’t get enough. Luckily, all those seductive scents are also available in candles to fill any room with delight.
The founder, Jean Pierre tells us his top pick: “Our Corpus Cassis Candle is a beautiful scent. It literally suits everyone, is packaged in a gift box, and no size or skin type is required with this gift,” Jean Pierre tells us, clearly impassioned— and now so are we.
Besides his universally loved scents, he thinks “Peace on Earth sounds about right. But if you ask me for a commercial gift … nothing beats chocolate and I love the bars from The Quiet Botanist.” Our friends love each other!

Corpus Cassis Candle

Corpus Deodorant

Luxe, olive oil-based products in stunning packaging are always an absolute joy to receive. Alison’s favorite? “Our new Sandalwood Yuzu Shampoo—it checks all the boxes! Non-toxic, paraben and sulfate-free formulation that actually works, lathers beautifully, cleans deeply giving more volume and softness, and hydration without heaviness. A beautiful fragrance of yuzu, sandalwood, cedar, and tangerine essential oils; no synthetic fragrance or dye. Sustainable, easy-to-recycle aluminum bottle with a sturdy pump. I want everyone to be able to try and see how special this shampoo is.”
While this may not fit into everyone’s stocking (or budget) this year, Alison shared her total dream gift for everyone. “This ORANGE wood-fired hot tub!” We’ll take one Alison! Thanks.

Wonder Valley Shampoo & Conditioner

Wonder Valley Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash

Written by Nicole Lesmeister

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