Escape to St. Tropez with Ladurée’s Elisabeth Holder

Co-president of Ladurée U.S.
Escape to St. Tropez with Ladurée’s Elisabeth Holder
Anyone who has experienced a Ladurée macaron knows that a single bite will instantly transport you to Paris, the world-renowned bakery’s birthplace. So, we asked Elisabeth Holder, the co-president of Ladurée U.S. who also holds the title of global innovation director, how she escapes…aside from eating one of her brand’s iconic double-decker cookies stuffed with decadent ganache filling, of course. For the French native and mother of twin boys, Saint-Tropez is always a good idea, especially now that she calls NYC, the city that never sleeps, home.
Here, Holder reveals where to go, what to eat, and the products she packs for a proper holiday on the French Riviera. Plus, she explains how she’s passing on her business savvy to her sons one vacation at a time.
I love to begin my day with a fresh lemon juice before a workout, and after I join my family for a nice breakfast of fruit, seeds, almonds, and green tea

The Destination: Saint-Tropez 

Where she stays: “We spend between three days and two weeks at my father’s house. [I’ve been going to Saint-Tropez] since I was born. We have family there, so we used to visit them each summer.”

The products she packs: “I love the sunscreen from Esthederm, Caudalíe’s Eau des Vignes, and hair products from Christophe Robin. I also like to mix Biotherm body cream with an oil from Buly 1803.”

What’s in her beach bag: “A ton of sunscreen, hair oil, and lip balm from Caudalíe.”

Where she makes reservations: “My favorite restaurants are La Réserve, Tropicana, Loulou’s, and La Plage des Salins. Hotel EPI is great for dinner. Sénéquier is also always great for a drink or breakfast after the market on Saturday.”


Where she stocks up: “The Place des Lices market, of course. It’s best to go very early. When it gets busy, leave and take your breakfast Chez Senequier.”

Where she works out: While Holder is lucky enough to have a personal trainer, she suggests burning calories at the beach by “swimming in the Mediterranean as much as possible.” After riding the waves, her favorite places to refuel include: Cabane Bambou, Tropicana, Loulou’s, and La Réserve. She also likes Club 55, so long as it’s not in the heat of summer. “Too busy!” she says. A “picnic on the boat” is always a surefire way to avoid the crowds.

Where she buys budget-friendly souvenirs: “Never let me in a French pharmacy—I can bring one of each product home!” she says. Her must-haves: “Bioderma, Embryolisse cream, medicine for my kids, and any of the Caudalíe products,” she adds.

Where she shops: “I love going to the flea market with my dad and buying vintage furniture or clothes. I buy and ship everything later. My favorite is Le Jas des Robert at Grimaud. Go very early before it gets too hot and spend your morning there. I’ve found some beautiful ceramics from Vallauris, vintage crystal glasses, beautiful vases, and vintage linen. I go every Sunday with my father and I love to bring my kids. I give them $20 each and they learn how to negotiate—it’s so funny!”



Written by Amber Kallor

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