We Take Pride In Our Founders - Patrick Kelly's Beauty Philosophy and Routine

Patrick Kelly of Sigil Scent shares his beauty routine with us
We Take Pride In Our Founders - Patrick Kelly's Beauty Philosophy and Routine
This month for Pride, we can’t help but think of our wonderful founders who not only create more beauty in the world, but expand our understanding of it. We are so grateful for these heart-centered people who spread absolute love, sweet friendship, and unparalleled products of ingenuity and pleasure.

Patrick Kelly, the founder of Sigil Scent, has designed transcendent olfactory experiences that continue to inspire. His inner-outer glow is a natural beauty we also find ourselves continually inspired by, so we had to ask about his philosophy, and of course routine!

Patrick’s personal beauty philosophy?:

“A few essentials of the highest quality. Minimal steps, applied with consistency. Internal skin health matters as much or more than external maintenance.” 

That means there’s no rushing through a 12-step routine for Patrick. He’s intentional about his products, but also his application— because gentle process matters. That’s why his scents smell so thoughtful and earth-centered.

What natural beauty means to him: 

“Natural beauty means embracing and celebrating imperfections, signs of aging. It means looking in the mirror and recognizing what you love about yourself, rather than what you want to change. Confidence looks good on everyone.” 

We’re going to have to write that on a Post-it note and stick it on our bathroom mirrors because we are ready to embrace our smile lines. Aging gracefully does not mean “anti-aging,” and we think it’s time to banish that term altogether. How about supportive aging? Healthy aging? Thanks Patrick, writing this down...

How he gets his skin ready for the day:

“I use fewer and fewer products these days. I’ve been obsessed with the Wonder Valley oil cleanser. It’s gentle yet effective, with the most supple, romantic texture that’s perfect for massaging into dry skin, and melts away into a milk with water. Follow with the LESSE Ritual Serum and pat in gently, with love. I always finish with Coola SPF Sun Silk Drops.”

With love is really the trick. Or maybe it’s the oil cleanser. No wait the SPF.

Oil Cleanser
Wonder Valley
Oil Cleanser

With an opulent golden hue and the warm scent of honeysuckle, this gentle antioxidant-rich facial cleanser leaves skin feeling luminous. The natural antimicrobial properties of geranium oil combined with the nutrients of avocado, olive and grapeseed oils work to brighten, tone, and enhance elasticity.

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Ritual Serum
Ritual Serum

An omega-rich oil to replenish the lipid barrier and restore radiance. Reactive and irritated skin is calmed and restored with calendula, rosehip and more. Antioxidant-rich algae and anti-inflammatory turmeric promote wound healing. A lightweight, buildable formula to clear, correct and nurture even the most sensitive skin. An effective natural remedy for eczema, rosacea, and other chronic skin conditions.

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For evening:

“Same routine, sans SPF. Sometimes I’ll layer the LESSE Regeneration Mist under the Ritual Serum for increased absorption and its soothing properties. A few times a week, I set aside time to sculpt and tone with my ZIIP device and Golden Gel.”

Favorite makeup products for day-to-day:

“I’ve been using very minimal makeup these days. A quick application of NOTO’s Hydra Highlight stick on the high points of the cheek, and a dab of their blush color in Touch are enough to brighten and illuminate the complexion.”

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What's on his bedside table:

“A beat up 90s point and click film camera. A few trays of very minimal jewelry—silver chains and rings, a pearl necklace. A Rachel Saunders woman vase in Matisse blue. A book—currently The Night Ocean by Paul LaFarge.”

...Officially crushing.

Written by Nicole Lesmeister

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