@DirtyBoysGetClean Top 10 Cleansers

The first step of your skincare routine is to get your face clean so that you can start your skincare routine with a clean slate. It is so important to get all of the dirt, grime, makeup, and pollution off of your face so that your serums, moisturizers, and oils can penetrate deeper so that they are more effective. When selecting a cleanser to use it’s important to understand your own skin type and your skins needs. Because I have dry skin, I have to be careful not to use something that is going to strip my skin of the few oils it seems to have. This should be the case for everyone no matter your skin type—do not use something that leaves your skin dry.

I love all types of cleansers including balms, oils, powders, creams, etc. I treat my cleanser choice as I treat every product choice I use in my routine… I decided what my skin needs the most during my routine. I tried to think of different formulations that my skin tends to love, but that I also feel could work for many other skin types. Our skin can tend to change depending on the weather, our diet, and other factors such as our location, stress level, and hormones. So, to use the same cleanser all year round is not an option for me. Let’s take a closer look at the 10 cleansers I chose and why:  

Z Pure Cleansing Liquid Balm by Zelens- What I love about this cleanser is that my skin always feels super clean after using it, but yet incredibly nourished. You can use it to dissolve makeup because it is a milky balm like texture.

$85 (shop now)

Gentle Hydrating Cleanser by Dr. Loretta- If you’re looking for that daily cleanser for days when your skin is looking nice but just needs to be cleansed… this is it. Super hydrating, non-drying, fuss-free. I adore Dr. Loretta’s products because they are simply stellar. This is definitely a universal cleanser.

$35 (shop now)

Enzyme Cleanser by Dr. Barbara Sturm- This cleanser is interesting in that it is a two-in-one, part cleansing foam and part exfoliator. Very gentle. What I love is that it leaves the skin polished but not stripped. It is super gentle on the skin yet incredibly effective.

$70 (shop now)

Argan Cleansing Oil by Josie Maran- So this was my very first oil cleanser ever. I started using it around 8-9 years ago and it’s still always a staple in my cabinet. It is quite thick but emulsifies beautifully once you add water. This is something I would highly recommend for those with ultra-dry skin.

$34 (shop now)


Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser by Grown Alchemist- I love this cleanser because its so gentle. I love using this when my skin feels irritated or sensitive. It has aloe, camellia, and niacinamide to name a few. I am a big fan of cream cleansers and this one is really beautiful.

$49 (shop now)


Oil to Milk Cleanser by Cocokind- This one is brand-new and I am really enjoying it already. It is a prebiotic oil to milk cleanser formulated with fermented oat, sunflower oil, and grape oil to name a few. It is super gentle and leaves the skin so soft.

$18 (shop now)

Argan Exfoliating Cleansing Powder by Josie Maran- This is something I use when I feel like my skin is particularly congested or I feel a blemish coming on. It is powder form but it is activated with water. It contains salicylic acid and rice enzymes. You can also mix this with an oil cleanser or water.

$40 (shop now)
EradiKate Daily Foaming Cleanser by Kate Somerville- When I get a blemish I always reach for this cleanser. It is effective but non-drying, which is really rare in a cleanser that is targeted towards breakouts. It contains 3% sulfur to help with blemishes.

$34 (shop now)
Rosehip Cleanser by Indie Lee- I love this cleanser. It is so beautiful. It contains rosehip seed, red seaweed extract, vitamins A, C, and E. On the nights I am so tired and not in the mood to double cleanse I will reach for this one because it is so easy and enjoyable.

$34 (shop now)

Soothing Tea Cleansing Gel by Then I Met You- This cleanser is really lovely. It is made with sake, licorice root, green tea, and tea tree leaf to name a few. The texture is really fun, it is super sticky almost. Once you add water it emulsifies and lathers a bit. I like using this after a balm or oil cleanser because I feel like it does do a great job at removing that first cleanse off your skin.

$36 (shop now)


    There are so many incredible cleansers out there. Make sure you are selecting one that is right for your particular skin type. It can be overwhelming at times because there are so many options on the market today. Just remember that you may need to also have a few cleansers in rotation depending on many factors including; skin type, weather, and diet.


    Written by: Matt Woodcox @dirtyboysgetclean
    March 8th, 2019