How David Pirrotta Does Summer

Favorite Things: Summer Edition
How David Pirrotta Does Summer
So far this has been a year of big change, as well as stagnation. We’ve all been stuck inside for months, completely bypassing the typical excitement that comes with spring, the season of growth and renewal. While things are slowly entering this uncertain phase of new normal, I want to honor the change of season by mixing things up a bit. For me, Summer always means simplifying when it comes to my skincare, and staying hydrated.

Make it rain.

I’m obsessed with mists, especially for summer. It feels so refreshing, but it also feels like a crucial step to hydrate and tone the skin in one very enjoyable step. My favorite right now is the Saya toning rosewater mist—such a classic. Rose is naturally very high in vitamin C, so it’s an excellent prep for my next step.

Load up on C.

Because I keep my summer routine much more simple, I never skip this step—I am constantly using vitamin C all summer long. It used to be believed that vitamin C products make our skin more sensitive, but they don’t! Vitamin C actually helps protect the skin from sun damage, and I feel like it makes my skin really resilient in the heat and summer weather.

My absolute favorite vitamin C serum is Melanie Simon’s Serum C. It’s the most luxurious, for sure, but in my opinion it’s also the most potent. I do love the Vitamin C Drops by Zelens, too, and I usually alternate between the two. If I know I’m going to be out in the sun, then I always opt for the Zelens C drops with the Zelens Daily Defense SPF.

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Drainage control.

To keep my face looking toned and as chiseled as I can, I’ve been using the Ziip device. The results are so instant, and keep showing improvement over time. I love the Lymphatic treatment because it reduces bloating around the face and neck area, which can happen when I’m dehydrated from the heat or a few too many frozen margaritas the night before… But I also really love the Total Clearing treatment setting because I tend to breakout more in the summer. 

I always start with the Lymphatic treatment first, then follow with the Total Clearing setting for a fully de-puffing, calming session that makes me feel sculpted and glowy. Each treatment takes  about 15 minutes, so when I do 2, it’s only a half an hour. I’m able to fit this in about 3 times a week for maintenance, but the Instant Gratification setting is also so perfect for a quick lift to prep for a night out!

Moisturize and defend.

I do different body oils all Summer long, it just feels right to oil up for a warm day and let it all soak in. Lately I’ve been doing the Argan body oil from Saya, or the Wonder Valley Hinoki oil. Sometimes I opt for the Costa Brazil Body Cream, or mix it with a body oil for an ultra layer.

I know I mentioned I use Zelens Daily Defense for my face, but I also lather up my whole body if I’m going to be out and exposed. I use the Body Defense by Zelens, which is an oil-based SPF, and I apply liberally and re-apply throughout the day. It’s super emollient and feels so luxe. It’s just SPF 30, so reapplication is key if I’m going to be out all day.

Soft boy hair.

Because both dry and humid heat are foes of a good hair day, I make sure to keep my scalp and strands moist, and my texture in control. I always make sure to put in a leave-in treatment post-shower, like the leave-in conditioner by Sachajuan. If I’m styling my hair, I’ll use the David Mallett Vitamin Gel to add texture and hold down frizz. It’s amazing for a slicked back pony look for the ladies.

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Summer bod check.

For a good streak there, I was religiously lifting weights and hitting the gym, but ever since the stay-at-home order, I’ve hit my stride with online workout classes. My favorite has been Lit Method and I don’t intend on quitting them any time soon. The workouts entail using rowers and your own bodyweight, so it’s simple to do at home and get a really good sweat.

Speaking of stride, I also try to go for a run every morning before it gets too warm. If I can’t make it happen in the morning because of an early meeting or something, I’ll make it happen at dusk. If I haven’t already had a cocktail, that is.

Hydrate & nourish.

Hydrating is my game all year round, but in the summer I especially try to keep up with the heat and my ehem, celebratory habits. I try to drink at least 3 liters a day, and I keep things interesting by adding tinctures to my water. My go-to brand is Tomen, and I love the Basil & Reishi, Ashwagandha, Chaga, and sometimes some CBD. I also make sure to have an elixir of some sort in the morning, like the Moon Juice Mushroom Collagen.

I always go to Remedy Place year round for their supplement IV’s, and I rely on it even more in the summer. I love the glutathione, I definitely notice a difference in my energy and glow when I get this extra pep in my step.

Get outside.

Lastly, I just rely on my products to protect me from sun damage, I don’t shy away from the sun! I love spending time outside, and have been spending a lot of it in the desert lately so I’m really craving some poolside or beach time. I feel a strong pull to be out on the water or outdoors, and the summer really accentuates this urge. But I never forget to SPF and repeat!

Written by Nicole Lesmeister

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