David Pirrotta's Summer Picks

The world is opening back up, and just in time for dreamy summer.
David Pirrotta's Summer Picks
Thank—and I can’t stress this enough—goodness. The world is opening back up, and just in time for dreamy summer. I am getting on some planes and trains and automobiles this season for both work and play, and I can’t wait to see sweet friends and founders across the world as we all heal and reinforce and come out of our shells as vulnerable, yet improved versions of ourselves.. It feels like resilience, it feels like excitement, and it feels beautiful.

Because I love to switch up my routine with the season, summer is no exception. I love light, earthy, cleansing, and hydrating products to keep me feeling refreshed and anew in the face of dry heat.

1. I’ve been starting off every single day with sacred white Temple Copal Incense. I spark it up as soon as I get back from a workout, and it feels like such a healing, cleansing ritual for my space every morning. It cleanses the air and the energy for the start of my day, and fills the void with an earthy power.

Sacred White Copal Incense
Temple Copal
Sacred White Copal Incense

Temple Copal offers the purest & highest-quality copal resin available. Exposed to the air longer, their copal hardens from a yellow sap-like state to a white rock-like resin. This maturity gives it a more potent piney aroma and a powerful clearing & cleansing ability. Where others claim to be white copal, Temple Copal truly holds the standard, valuing quality and transparency.

Incense: Comes in bundles of 10 sticks

Burn Time: 90+ min burn time each

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2. After I have my coffee, I jump in the shower and use my new favorite thing— my Flamingo Estate Invigorating body wash. As my home has an energetic cleanse, the clary sage and eucalyptus in this body wash make me feel reborn. It’s so energizing, and just feels like a purifying part of my morning ritual.

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3. I’ve also been religiously using Sachajuan’s scalp scrub. The scent is super subtle and limited so it’s not overpowering, and leaves my scalp so fresh and light. I’m so invested in deeply cleansing and exfoliating my skin, and I’ve been wanting to take that commitment to skincare all the way to my scalp. Especially because my scalp and hair health are so important to me as time goes on, keeping the skin clear and soft has been a game changer for my hair health. It’s cleansing, and stimulating, and I’ve really noticed a difference in strengthening my follicles with not only the product but the massager applicator as well.

Scalp Scrub
Scalp Scrub

SACHAJUAN SCALP SCRUB is a deep cleansing and purifying sugar scrub formulated with Ocean Silk Technology, climbazole, soybean, and shea butter oil. Contains natural Sucrose which helps to exfoliate and unclog the scalp’s surface from dandruff, oil build-up, and dead skin while also promoting new cell growth.

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4. When I get out of the shower, before I put on all my products, I’ve been dabbing on this gorgeous new toning essence by Ode to Self. One of my favorite founders, Kimberly, made this line from her heart and soul and it shows. It really sets the tone for my skin to absorb all the powerful nutrients to come.

Wave Toning Essence
Ode to Self
Wave Toning Essence

Wave is a silky, alcohol-free, soothing toner that doubles as a refreshing and refining serum. It helps to gently refine your skin, tightening pores, while actively working to restore your skin's balance after cleansing and provides essential nutrients to keep it glowing and youthful.

Wave Toning Essence was designed to gently balance the skin and helps to eradicate the residue of dirt left behind after cleansing. It's non-irritating--your skin won't be annoyed or turn red like it does with basic toners, and it provides true benefits.

With it's gel-like, silky texture, the ingredients in Wave provide the perfect concoction of nutrients for the skin such as Vitamins A, C, calcium, potassium, tannins, flavanoids, betanins, and antioxidants. They all work together harmoniously to provide the perfect toning solution while calming and nourishing the skin while protecting it from environmental stress and destabilizing free-radicals. This gel-like essence also has a subtle cooling effect, calming redness and irritation of your skin.

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5. I really love using this amazing new serum by Saya called the Super Serum. It has tons of peptides in it that turn it this gorgeous blue hue, naturally. It’s also full of hyaluronic acid for plumping, and vitamin B and niacinamide for rejuvenation and healing of sun damage, because let’s admit it. I’m not going to stay out of the sun. I brought it with me on a spring trip to Mexico and I was so obsessed, I knew it’d become a summer staple for parched skin. It’s so beautiful, and so worth it.

Super Serum
Super Serum

Saya’s Super Serum is a powerhouse formulation of Niacinamide, Lipopeptide ChroNOline™, Multi-weight Hyaluronic Acid, PentavitinⓇ, and B-Vitamin Complex.

Multi-tasking Niacinamide (10%) will strengthen, improve skin texture and regulate oil production, but why stop there? Boosted with a high performance B complex, including B5 (Pathenol) and B7 (Biotin) and B2 (Riboflavin) to deeply hydrate, assist with collagen production, and increase cell turnover. It’s the answer to replenishing dry, damaged and acne-prone skin.

Multi-weight Hyaluronic Acid restores water balance in multiple levels of the skin’s surface, improving collagen synthesis and cell cohesion, resulting in plump, bouncy skin. The Super Serum is boosted with PentavitinⓇ, to strengthen the skin’s barrier function and hydrate for up to 72 hours, bringing dry, dull skin back to life.

One of the most powerful anti-ageing ingredients, lipopeptide ChroNoline™, boosts collagen production and hyaluronic acid within the layers of the skin, maintaining skin cohesion to reduce the appearance of skin decline.

A blend of wild-harvested Australian Native wildberries including Emu Apple, Pepperberry and Lilli Pilli acts as a powerful antioxidant, protecting the skin from free radical damage. Instantly hydrates the skin with immediate and long-term benefits.

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6. We also just launched a new fragrance line called Maison Detto. Thanks to working so much with Patrick of Sigil Scent, I’ve gotten into much cleaner fragrances for myself. Durbin Jane is my ultimate favorite right now, because it’s got warm hints of sandalwood, amber, and orris, which is everything I love, but it also has a bright and bold pop of orangey citrus which really livens things up for the season.

Durban Jane
Maison d'Etto
Durban Jane

Enveloping and comforting, containing warm hints of sandalwood, orris, and ambrette with an unexpected and mischievous nuttiness. Fresh autumn woods, bright playful bursts of resins. Cocoon-like feelings of home. Durban Jane represents our deep connection to a sense of place — and the duality and brilliance that lives within us. Its warmth and dimensionality evokes feelings of peace, optimism, humor and togetherness.

Smells like: Pink Pepper, Ambrette ( TOP ); Orange Flower, Orris, Labdanum (HEART); Cedarwood, Sandalwood ( BASE )

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I hope everyone is seeking newness, excitement, and exhilaration, not just in their products but in this next chapter as well!

Written by Nicole Lesmeister

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