Stuck at Home?

Avoid COVID-19 in Comfort and Style With These Self-Loving Activities
Stuck at Home?
Yeah, us too. These are certainly uncertain times for all of us, and we are navigating this new and somewhat dark experience one day at a time. Some of us might be thinking, “at long last!” when it comes to having some extra time at home. Meanwhile, those of us used to go-go-going are twiddling our thumbs praying for the rapid development of a vaccine. Since it is what it is, we recommend being completely in the present, allowing in acceptance and positivity. Here are some ways you can maximize your time at home.

Get Still.

When it comes to a spirituality practice, i.e. breathwork, meditation, journaling, etc., the priority rank falls somewhere between last and “there’s always tomorrow.” Well, tomorrow is today, baby. With this extra time to own our space, let’s use this moment to own our internal space, too. Find stillness, breathe in some essential oils, and hone your practice.

Flex on ‘em.

Longing for your spin bike? Megaformer? Stairmaster? We hear you. But you might find yourself wildly surprised at how intense a bodyweight workout can be. Look up free workout guides and videos on ClassPass or Youtube for yoga, pilates, HIITs, strength training, and more, and get to sweating. We’re going to emerge from this stronger than ever in more ways than one.

Embrace your inner Venus.

If you never felt like you had the time for baths in the past, then welcome to your future. Bathing culture is incredibly nourishing for the body and the mind, and there are so many ways to celebrate it and make it special. A salty soak is a great way to boost your body’s natural detox systems and absorb important minerals. Add oils, spark up some candles, and let yourself melt into the tub. Finish your session with a vigorous exfoliation, and make sure to wrap yourself in a lush moisturizer. Emerge a god and/or goddess.

Go full-facial

So you can’t get an appointment with a pro. That’s ok. Avoid picking your face at all costs, and instead give it the royal treatment. Schedule your skincare into daily (or every other day) sessions. First, double cleanse. Use your favorite cleanser twice, or go for an oil cleanser followed by something with a little less viscosity. Exfoliate. Use a mild scrub or a chemical exfoliator like AHA to melt that layer of dead skin from the surface. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Pick another day for a clay mask, and by all means, double mask! Hydrating masks are amazing, and you can let your skin drink it up by doing it before bed or going sans makeup as long as possible.

Up your self-care.

Get resourceful in the kitchen, and practice the ultimate act of self-care, cooking for yourself. Prepare meaningful meals for yourself (and loved ones) at every opportunity, and nourish yourself from the inside out. Now is also the time to consider adding supplements to your regime to promote detoxification and digestion. Worship at the temple that is you. Amen.

Written by Nicole Lesmeister

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