Dritan Vushaj's Favorite Styling Products for Spring

Red carpet and editorial hair stylist Dritan Vushaj shares his favorite spring products
Dritan Vushaj's Favorite Styling Products for Spring
My interest in hair began at a super young age. I attended cosmetology school right after high school, but I like to think my career really started as a young kid in Detroit. I would steal my cousin’s barbies to give them “haircuts” and “styles.” I also enjoyed lounging at my aunt’s salon to just watch from the back. Today I have the privilege to work with incredible clients for both photoshoots and red carpets. That being said, finding products that work well can still be a bit of a chore. Especially come spring and summertime when, if you’re anything like me, you would rather put your focus into spring cleaning so you can stay poolside all summer. Here are a few of my spring/summer faves!
1. David Mallet Fresh Eau de Concombre

One of my favorite things about the David Mallet line is that they’re very minimal yet highly versatile and efficient. They only make what they know won’t impact the environment in a negative way (you may notice there are no aerosols) and are so committed to the environment that they’ve recently begun to remove plastic wrap from their packaging. This fresh, light-scented spray is great as a refresh for your face on a hot summer day when you’re working on an editorial in the desert and seeing cartoon mirages of cold La Croixs off in the distance or before/after your makeup - either to set or to prep! It’s great to spray in hair to refresh and liven it up if you notice your natural wave has gone a bit limp or before a blow-dry to give your hair some heat protection. The hyaluronic acid in it delivers instant moisture to the face and helps reduce hair breakage instead of giving it just a surface shine like so many other products out there right now. You can use this daily, yes DAILY, for a refresh, a finish, or a starter. 

Fresh Eau de Concombre
David Mallett
Fresh Eau de Concombre

The very first hair and face mist combining the moisturizing benefits of cucumber and hyaluronic acid. Hydrates and revitalizes hair and complexion in all circumstances. Made with 97% ingredients of natural origin.

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2. Sachajuan Dark Dry Powder Shampoo

Do you have dark hair? Have you ever looked in the mirror on a date or at work and noticed that you have white powdery circles giving your hair a dimension you never wanted, asked for, or deserve? Do I have your undivided attention? Because I’m about to blow your mind. There is a dark dry shampoo that won’t steal the spotlight from your beauteous brown / black tresses. Even though the powder will camouflage well into dark hair still make sure to hold it at least 6” from your head and rub it in at the root for better distribution (no one likes clumps, even ones that match your hair color). This powder shampoo also comes with a light fresh fragrance (as do all Sachajuan products) that will absorb any unwanted smells in between washes that we have all fallen prey to. Folks with lighter hair- save your FOMO for instagram stalking! Sachajuan has one for you as well! Shake, spray, skedaddle on out the door to your very busy life crushing it after your morning run (or morning roll out of bed and not having the time or patience to deal because you had a few too many aperol spritz’s yesterday afternoon)!

Dark Dry Powder Shampoo
Dark Dry Powder Shampoo
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3. R&Co Dry Shampoo Paste

One of the greatest products to have ever been created is dry shampoo. One of the greatest incarnations of it is a dry shampoo paste. R&Co’s is the first I came across. It is exactly what it sounds like. A paste that when rubbed in to the scalp, acts as a dry shampoo. If you have bangs, this is your spring/summer salvation. No more having to clip the rest of your hair back to rewash your bangs because everything else is looking great and your bangs look like they were dipped in a bucket of fried chicken. A little dab of this will freshen you right up for the day and prolong your washes. It’s also great if you want to add just a little bit of an undone texture throughout your hair. Unlike a texture spray, though, you can zero in on where you want the texture so you have more control (which is a life saver on set!). Rub it in your roots all over for a little bit of volume and  get that sexy second day hair feel instead of that greasy tenth day after hot yoga feel.

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4. Noir Poem of a Swirl Curl Cream

As someone with wavy to curly hair (depending on the day and how I slept last night, amirite?) it’s been an honest-to-whoever spiritual journey searching for a product that holds curl but isn’t stiff, has shine but isn’t greasy, tames frizz but isn’t heavy. Tall order but I’m stubborn so I was ecstatic to end my search with Poem of a Swirl. First of all the smell is incredible, some products have such an abrasive smell that make me nauseous after smelling them in my hair all day, this one is just right. It smells clean. I’ll put a dime to nickel sized amount in my palm with a few drops of oil, rub it between my hands and scrunch it in or run it through my almost-shoulder-length shag. Generally I prefer to air dry my hair, especially during those warm summer days when the thought of blasting heat in my face for 20 - 30 minutes makes me want to cry.

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5. Sachajuan Ocean Mist

Sachajuan’s product line is a stylist’s dream because the products give you control instead of taking control and not one single product has a “too much” feel. Every product in this line does what it says it's going to do, no product has a heavy fragrance, and you can mix or use alone. So whether you’re a product junkie or a minimalist, you’re at home in this line. Before using Ocean Mist, I was only exposed to very drying, very salty ocean sprays that saturate the market but leave your hair feeling like Coachella valley in its off season. Ocean Mist is sugar based so it actually keeps your hair feeling like hair. My favorite trick when I had longer hair was to spray it in mostly air-dried hair, put it in four even braids, go to bed, wake up and shake it out for the most sublime beachy finish. This can be used as a finishing product to enhance any wave or curl, while giving separation and hold without making it feel like a seagull’s nest.

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6. David Mallet Spray No. 2: Le. Volume

When it comes to volume, this line has stolen the conversation in my opinion. To really commit you can get the entire David Mallett volume line and notice how much stronger your hair is. David Mallet’s Volume Spray is used on damp hair before blowdrying. Apply to your roots, especially in areas you want more volume and massage the product into the scalp. Flip your head upside down and blow-dry your hair until its about 80-90% dry then continue to blow-dry with a brush to smooth out any ends (if you want some extra shine and glamour add their serum when you apply the spray). Like the rest of their products Volume Spray No. 2 is also a treatment, so if you have fine and limp hair then this product will give you the appearance of volume while treating your hair with Japanese red algae, a key ingredient meant to fortify and strengthen your hair with proteins and vitamins.

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7. Prose Oil

I’m going to end with quite possibly my favorite thing to have hit the market since dry shampoo. Prose oil. It is completely customizable and made specifically for you. It even comes with your name on the label, and let me tell you there is no feeling more lux to me than having your name on a bottle of liquid gold for your hair. Based off the questions you answer about your hair density, things you want your oil to accomplish, scents you like, and the area you live in to factor in UV - they formulate an oil with ingredients that are mixed together specifically for you. You can use the oil like I do, after a wash on wet hair mixed with a cream, or as a treatment before a wash, and even sometimes in between washes for a quick touch up. I honestly couldn’t rave enough about this oil because for someone with a lot of hair that is fine and wavy it has been a serious battle for me searching for an oil that doesn’t weigh my hair down or leave it feeling greasy. If you love the oil the same formula is saved for you to buy their other products as well.

Prose Hair Oil

Written by Dritan Vushaj
Photo: Shelby Goldstein | @shelbygoldstein

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