"Sustainability is luxury, when you think about the thoughtfulness behind it. Luxury becomes comfort. When you’re comfortable with yourself and your choices, you feel empowered."

David Pirrotta


→ Matter Of Fact

Exfoliation and The Skin Microbiome

Now that we’ve pushed past the extreme dermatological peels and mild enzyme masks or lower percentage lactic and hydroxy acids are readily available, it’s easy to get carried away. People have seen major improvements in their skin texture, tone, and clarity from regular exfoliation with peel pads or an exfoliating toner, so why not put this practice in overdrive?

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Living In A Materiae World Podcast

Come for the lipstick, stay for the laughs. Think of this podcast hosted by David Pirrotta—an industry veteran who has helped build 76 brands (and counting!)—as Waze for the beauty-obsessed, helping you navigate the ever-evolving world of makeup, hair, skin, wellness, and more.

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Skincare... But Make it For Your Butt

The skin on our bums is very different from the skin on our face. It’s thick, fleshy, comes with a layer of soft downy protective hair, and most blood vessels are much farther from the surface, since we'd otherwise be sitting on them all day.

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How Leanne Citrone Is Whipping Up Her Second Act

Leanne Citrone, a former hairstylist and co-owner of Andy Lecompte Salon (a West Hollywood hot spot known for its A-list clientele), is finally getting out from behind the chair.