"I always have a Cire Trudon candle burning. Depending on my mood, I usually choose either Ernesto or Abd El Kader."

David Pirrotta


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How Amanda Chantal Bacon Balances Mindfulness and Multitasking

“I think wellness or mindfulness sometimes gets a frivolous rap…but I really feel that it is serving me now,” she says of the daily practices she’s refined for both mind and body over the past 15 years. Here's how Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon is staying centered and sane.

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How Beauty Pros Soak Away Stress

In 2020, the tub is proving yet again to be a welcome and reliable respite; a safe place to melt away stress and watch it swirl swiftly down the drain. We asked six brand founders and bathing beauties how they’re soaking it up in self-isolation so you can take your tub (or shower!) to new levels of bliss.

→ Matter Of Fact

Should I Switch to Natural Deodorant?

The clean beauty movement is coming for your armpits. “When people consider switching to natural products, deodorant is where many start,” says J.P. Mastey, founder of Corpus Naturals, a brand known for its sustainably manufactured deodorant housed in stylish celadon packaging.

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How David Pirrotta Does Summer

While things are slowly entering this uncertain phase of new normal, I want to honor the change of season by mixing things up a bit. For me, Summer always means simplifying when it comes to my skincare, and staying hydrated.