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"Sustainability is luxury, when you think about the thoughtfulness behind it. Luxury becomes comfort. When you’re comfortable with yourself and your choices, you feel empowered."

David Pirrotta


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The Beauty Minimalist: Neada Deters

“Less is more,” says Neada Deters, founder of LESSE, whose overarching beauty philosophy, brand mission, and skincare routine are all in perfect harmony. "An unbalanced complexion, however, is what initially prompted Deters (a former editor and product guinea pig) to dig deeper into botanical ingredients and curate her own line of effective organic essentials that help clear skin—and declutter your bathroom shelf. “We’re asking people to buy and use fewer products,” explains Deters of LESSE’s unique approach. “It’s counter to the consumerism of the beauty industry but is better for your skin and the planet.”


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Products Written in The Cosmos

Baby, what’s your serum? As we are inundated with products of all kinds, from every angle, it can be a challenge to know which is right for you. Not only is our skin so different, but so are all our lifestyles and choices, environmental factors, stress, etc. No two people need the exact two things, and that goes for everything. So how do we determine our needs?

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David Pirrotta's Fall Picks

I love a summer glow, but by the time temps begin to drop, I make it my goal to shed that dead skin, heal all the damage, and repair dry hair so that I can stay plump, dewy, and hydrated as the air gets cool and dry.

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Exfoliation and The Skin Microbiome

Now that we’ve pushed past the extreme dermatological peels and mild enzyme masks or lower percentage lactic and hydroxy acids are readily available, it’s easy to get carried away. People have seen major improvements in their skin texture, tone, and clarity from regular exfoliation with peel pads or an exfoliating toner, so why not put this practice in overdrive?