"Sustainability is luxury, when you think about the thoughtfulness behind it. Luxury becomes comfort. When you’re comfortable with yourself and your choices, you feel empowered."

David Pirrotta


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How Leanne Citrone Is Whipping Up Her Second Act

Leanne Citrone, a former hairstylist and co-owner of Andy Lecompte Salon (a West Hollywood hot spot known for its A-list clientele), is finally getting out from behind the chair.

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Hair Products That Let You Do Less

Summer hair is all about embracing the season and being carefree— or at least looking like you are. But what if we could achieve the effortless look with at least a fraction of the actual effort your stylist does when you come in for a trim?

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Top Derms Debunk 6 Common Acne Myths

Few things cause acne to flare quite like the stress that goes hand-in-hand with a global pandemic. Now, as protective masks start to come off and we slowly put our faces on full display, it can be tempting to turn to quick fixes that promise to clear things up fast.

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We Take Pride In Our Founders - Patrick Kelly's Beauty Philosophy and Routine

Patrick Kelly, the founder of Sigil Scent, has designed transcendent olfactory experiences that continue to inspire. His inner-outer glow is a natural beauty we also find ourselves continually inspired by, so we had to ask about his philosophy, and of course routine!