"Scent is a big part of my home. The Cire Trudon candles are a staple in my home, all of the fragrances encompass my favorite notes."

David Pirrotta



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On-Trend Ingredient Glossary

We see pretty packages staking claims all the time. Adjectives like brightening, evening, smoothing, hydrating, plumping, and exfoliating are all great terms, but how do we know these products do those things, and why?

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The Oil Aficionados: Alison and Jay Carroll

The founders of Wonder Valley escaped the city to carve out their own desert oasis—and a cult-favorite brand. One could say that Alison and Jay Carroll struck liquid gold when they developed their first olive oil seven years ago.

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The Ingredient Gurus: Myriam and Eric Malka

A good rule of thumb when you’re scanning any ingredient list—especially when it comes to skincare: “If you can’t pronounce it, don’t use it!” says Eric Malka, co-founder of Ingredients®

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8 Ways to Keep All Eyes on You When Wearing a Mask

When life hands you a protective face covering, capitalize on the surface area that’s still visible with mascara, mesmerizing shadows, and more. Here, our favorite ways to take lids and lashes to new levels...