The Brand Whisperer: Erin Kleinberg

Beauty is a family affair for Erin Kleinberg, who named SIDIA—her chic range of body products, candles, and accessories—after her late grandmother. “She taught me what it means to create love, build a family, foster my career, and perhaps most importantly, to care just as much for myself as I do for the world around me,” says Kleinberg.

The Vibe Shifter: Corbin Chamberlin

“My childhood was not unlike Practical Magic, midnight margaritas included,” says Corbin Chamberlin, founder of Sage & Salt, a wellness brand centered around energetically charged products ranging from crystal balls to manifestation candles. “I grew up in a household fluent in energy: barefoot grounding before school, crystal charging u...

The Good Egg: Erica Choi

Erica Choi has never been one to put all of her eggs in one basket. Before hatching Superegg, a vegan skincare line, she wore many hats. After graduating from art school, Choi spent over a decade working as a graphic designer (most notably at Barneys New York as vice president of digital design) while simultaneously pursuing her passion for...

5 Must-See (and Smell!) Summer Destinations From a Fragrance Aficionado

Summer is the season of escape. Whether you’re taking a well-deserved staycation or journeying to remote corners of the globe, Almira Armstrong, founder of Sydney-based fragrance brand Lumira, has an ever-growing stable of scents that promise to transport your senses sans jetlag.

The Grooming Guru: Kyle Bardouche

Kyle Bardouche’s wellness brand, Jack Henry, was born at home shortly after his first baby arrived on the scene. To be specific, this plant-powered line of grooming essentials was conceived in the kitchen. “My wife Erin wanted to style our son Jack’s hair but the product I was using at the time had over 30 ingredients and we thought that wa...

The Rule Breakers: Camille Katona and Stephanie Spence

“We dream of a generation of grandmas in blue eyeliner and we really feel like that this is where things are headed,” says Stephanie Spence, co-founder of 19/99 Beauty, a Toronto-based company that designs cosmetics for people ages 19 to 99 and beyond. The brand was initially born as co-founder Camille Katona’s post-graduate thesis project ...

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The Clean Beauty Trailblazer: J.P. Mastey

Millennial pink had its moment but you can thank Corpus founder J.P. Mastey for making mint green the chic new shade to keep in your medicine cabinet and shower. As the brains behind Baxter of California, a brand that broke the black-and-white mold in the men’s grooming space with its distinctive cerulean packaging, he knows a thing or two ...

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The Ayurvedic Expert: Martha Soffer

Long before wellness guru Martha Soffer doled out yoni steams to the who’s who in Hollywood, she discovered the ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda in, of all places, Fairfield, Iowa. This unlikely mecca for the Transcendental Meditation movement (an Ayurvedic practice) is where Colombian-born Soffer found her calling. “Before that, I’d nev...

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The Oil Aficionados: Alison and Jay Carroll

The founders of Wonder Valley escaped the city to carve out their own desert oasis—and a cult-favorite brand. One could say that Alison and Jay Carroll struck liquid gold when they developed their first olive oil seven years ago.

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The Clean Beauty Connoisseur: Tiffany T. Scott

Róen Beauty, a glamorous brand known for its well-edited range and luxe packaging, was born out of a not-so-pretty problem. Tiffany T. Scott, Róen’s founder and CEO, said her “aha moment” occurred at the dermatologist’s office, where she was told that the persistent stye in her eyelid might be instigated by the harsh ingredients in her make...

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The Skin Savers: Dr. Nancy Samolitis & Danielle Nadick-Levy

Dr. Nancy Samolitis and Danielle Nadick-Levy both hail from Illinois, but the co-founders of Facile—a Los Angeles mecca for anyone seeking a gorgeous, glowing complexion—couldn’t be more different. Growing up in a rural town 100 miles outside of Chicago, Dr. Samolitis, a board-certified dermatologist who refers to herself as a “skin perfec...

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The Mane Master: Sacha Mitic

Sacha Mitic, co-founder of cult-favorite brand, Sachajuan, is an “accidental hairstylist.” His inadvertent rise to the top of the beauty world started with an attempt to woo a woman wielding scissors. “When I was 14, I had my hair cut in a big salon in Gothenburg, Sweden by this really cute girl,” Mitic explained.

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The Essential Oil Experts: Jessica Frandson and Jill King

If Tom Ford and Apple had an essential oil baby, what would it look like? This is one of the first questions CAMPO co-founders Jessica Frandson and Jill King asked themselves as they embarked on an aromatherapy adventure that sought to combine the elegance of Tom Ford with Apple’s innovative approach. A few of the adjectives they came up w...

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The Connoisseur of Cool: David Pirrotta

He’s launched 76 beauty brands and counting. He’s clocked countless hours at cult-favorite cosmetics companies, including RéVive, Red Flower, Art of Shaving, among many others. He’s responsible for bringing Rodin—a now-iconic name that started with a single face oil—to product aficionados all over the world.

Come for the lipstick, stay for the laughs. Think of this podcast hosted by David Pirrotta—an industry veteran who has helped build 76 brands (and Materiae's founder!)—as Waze for the beauty-obsessed, helping you navigate the ever-evolving world of makeup, hair, skin, wellness, and more.