"My absolute favorite vitamin C serum is Melanie Simon’s Serum C. It’s the most luxurious, for sure, but in my opinion it’s also the most potent. "

David Pirrotta

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8 Road Trip Beauty Essentials

The global pandemic has likely grounded your summer plans, but the open road awaits! While many Americans have cancelled unnecessary flights, 72 percent are still planning to get behind the wheel in the coming months.

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Unisex Beauty is Just Beauty, And That’s That.

I’m sensing a recurring motif in the self-care world; unisex beauty. The idea that beauty was ever solely for women in the first place is a little outlandish to me… the notion that those who identify as men can’t also chase, practice, or obtain beauty for themselves feels against human nature.

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The Aussie Skin Sage: Saya McDermott

Necessity is undoubtedly the mother of invention—especially when it comes to unpredictable skin. “It was never my intention to create a brand,” says Saya McDermott, founder of an eponymous range of natural products for face, body, and hair.

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What 4 Beauty Founders Are Sipping and Snacking On This Summer

In lieu of slaving over a hot stove when the heat is on, we asked four beauty brand founders for their favorite quick-and-easy recipes so you can spend more time sipping cocktails and dining al fresco this summer.