Gift Like a Beauty Boss: The David Pirrotta Edition

We asked a few of our favorite beauty bosses to reveal their holiday wish lists
Gift Like a Beauty Boss: The David Pirrotta Edition
Who: David Pirrotta

The LA-based entrepreneur who founded David Pirrotta Brands and Materiae doesn’t just scour the globe for the next big thing in beauty—he also wraps it up for everyone lucky enough to be on his nice list.

What He’s Giving:

1.  “I love gifting beautiful products to all my loved ones and friends. Usually, it's something new that I’ve discovered and imported into the U.S. For me, it's all about Australian beauty this year. One of my favorite scents is natural and clean coconut, so Saya’s Coconut Body Polish and Rich Body Cream are must-haves. These two products have changed my world! They instantly transport me to a fabulous holiday in the South Pacific. I also like Leif’s Two Hands Buddha Wood Gift Set. It’s my go-to hostess gift this season.”

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2.  “I like supporting local businesses and a block away from our Hollywood showroom is John Kelly Chocolates. He started in the hood around the same time we moved in a decade ago. His business has since blown up and is now sold everywhere—and rightfully so, as his chocolates are just divine! His truffle fudge peanut butter with pink Himalayan sea salt is my guilty pleasure. I also love giving a bottle of Dom [Pérignon] to very special people, but the combination of champagne and chocolate is by far the ultimate gift.”

3.  “Working in beauty and wellness, I always love giving an experience. For peeps who live in LA, a gift card to Remedy Place is always a good idea, especially for friends that need some time to recharge from their hectic travel and work schedule. If you haven’t been, run—don’t walk! For peeps in NYC, I like The Well.

I was raised very Cuban, so I always love bringing a bottle of homemade Coquito. It is a creamy, delicious, high-calorie shot of Latin love!”

What He’d Like to Receive: “I already have everything I could possibly wish for, so there really isn’t anything I’m hoping to receive besides everyone in my life being happy, healthy, and full of love.” 

How He Gives Back: “My charity of choice is St. Jude and LA Children’s Hospital. I hold both very close to my heart. My abuelito was a Freemason and he taught me to always give back. Even after losing everything in Cuba, he always gave $100 a month from his minimum wage salary to St. Jude after immigrating to the U.S. He was an incredible man who inspires me daily to be the best version of me.”

His Homemade Gift: “I was raised very Cuban, so I always love bringing a bottle of homemade Coquito. To make it, you need one can of evaporated milk, one can of condensed milk, one can of coconut milk, and a lot of rum—preferably Bacardi or Havana Club. It is a creamy, delicious, high-calorie shot of Latin love!”

His Holiday Plans: “I'll be in LA spending time with my beautiful senior dogs, as well as someone very special and his dog.” 

His De-Stress Strategy: “I start my mornings at a 6 am LIT class. Then, I’m with my trainer at 7 am. I do about one hour and 45 minutes of cardio, TRX, and lifting. If I'm feeling overwhelmed, I head over to Remedy Place to get an IV drip, take an ice bath, or treat myself to some cryotherapy. Not only has working out this year gotten me into the best shape I’ve been in in a very long time, but it’s also helped me stay focused, calm, and handle the daily stress of owning and running multiple companies.”

Written by Amber Kallor

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