The Vibe Shifter: Corbin Chamberlin

Sage & Salt’s founder explains how to attract positive energy and raise your vibration. By: Amber Kallor

The Vibe Shifter: Corbin Chamberlin
“My childhood was not unlike Practical Magic, midnight margaritas included,” says Corbin Chamberlin, founder of Sage & Salt, a wellness brand centered around energetically charged products ranging from crystal balls to manifestation candles. “I grew up in a household fluent in energy: barefoot grounding before school, crystal charging under full moons, and a lot of talk about vibes.”
I grew up in a household fluent in energy: barefoot grounding before school, crystal charging under full moons, and a lot of talk about vibes.

Smokeless Smudge Room Spray

It wasn’t until Chamberlin started contributing to publications like the New York Times, Financial Times, and Vogue that he concocted Sage & Salt’s signature brew that effectively clears the air without setting off the fire alarm. “Working in publishing, especially in fashion journalism, you’re made very aware of bad energy,” says Chamberlin. “I came up with the idea of Smokeless Smudge because I wanted to clear the energy of my workspace often and wasn’t able to light up a bundle of herbs.”
While he couldn’t exactly escape the negative juju he encountered on the job, Chamberlin’s magazine and newspaper career did hone his eye and give him an edge when it came to assembling his brand’s tightly edited offering. “Too often this sector is plagued with products that don't feel unique or special,” he says. “I wanted a line that not only brought good vibes but looked great on your shelf too.”
Quality and sustainability are also paramount for Chamberlin. The public’s interest in the metaphysical world may be great for business but the planet and people often pay the price for burgeoning trends. “You might be surprised to hear this from me, but the spike in crystal consumption is a problem,” he says. “Folks are gobbling up crystals that aren’t ethical and come at a great cost to the earth and the humans who mine them.” Chamberlin encourages customers to research where their stones come from and “buy less but buy better.”

Intuition, Smokeless Smudge & Mercury in Retrograde Room Sprays

I came up with the idea of Smokeless Smudge because I wanted to clear the energy of my workspace often and wasn’t able to light up a bundle of herbs.
In addition to being responsibly sourced, Sage & Salt’s stones are “positively beaming with good vibes” after being energetically charged in the desert. “We bury them in a vortex in Sedona, Arizona, charge them under full moons, and enchant them in ritual for particular purposes,” explains Chamberlin.
In an often harsh and tumultuous world, channeling positivity and protecting the human spirit feels more important than ever, so it’s not that surprising the masses are seeking out age-old rituals and remedies. “People realize there’s no greater luxury than good energy,” says Chamberlin. “You can’t fake frequency and nothing is better than good vibes.” Here, the founder reveals the “most magical place on Earth” and the “power objects” he keeps on his altar.

Photo: Orlando Peagio

His best business advice: “The sooner you develop a strong sense of intuition and open a conversation with yourself, sans fear or doubt, the better. Trust your gut and limit dialogue from others. It’s so easy to let others talk us [out of] an idea or path. Build a tight coven of people who support you and your vision, and don’t share anything outside of that circle.”

His beauty mantra: “Get good with you. Love yourself at every stage. I recently lost 190 pounds (and counting!) and I’m learning to love myself at every point. I think people try to hate themselves into change, and that just isn’t sustainable.”

His proudest product moment: “The Smokeless Smudge is really my pride and joy. I love how wildly successful it has been and I love how people incorporate it into their lives. It put Sage & Salt on the map in a big way. I think we were the first witch-owned brand selling witchy goods to enter a major retailer (Bergdorf Goodman) because of Smokeless Smudge. And I love all my evil eye goods. Have you seen my door amulets? Chic!”

His altar essentials: “What’s a witch without an altar? I have many. I have an altar that I keep for my clients, an altar for my ancestors and passed loved ones, and a private altar. I place ‘power objects’ on my personal altar, like love notes from my husband, a lightning-struck branch from an oak tree, salt, candles, and all sorts of items that possess a charge of energy.”

His manifesting must-haves: “I light candles all day long, but I’ve been reaching for my Abundance Candles a lot this month. I’ve got huge plans for Sage & Salt and want to invite the spirit of abundance around me while I hire, make plans, and dream up new products.”

His daily beauty ritual: “I double cleanse, use a toner and a cream. I ice my face like a cake with SPF because I live in the desert. I wear different scents—they’re all smoky and have notes of oud—but my skincare remains the same every day.”

His biggest beauty indulgence:Augustinus Bader The Cream. I’ve tried a lot of good stuff as a writer, and I’ve never liked anything as much as Bader. It’s costly, but I swear I see results.”

His best drugstore discovery:La Roche-Posay Toleriane Purifying Foaming Cleanser. It’s my favorite cleanser because it doesn’t strip my skin but clears up any little breakouts I might be getting right away.”

His go-to pros: “I see Dana Fraze for my hair. He’s a genius stylist based in Phoenix, Arizona. I take tips from my client Joanna Czech on my skin. My friend and makeup artist Pati Dubroff advises on products and makeup. I see Ryan Karner for sound healing; their vibe is impeccable and I always leave the sessions feeling 20 pounds lighter.”

His beauty icon: “My friend Nyakio Grieco of Thirteen Lune! She’s a genius who is changing the world of beauty through radical inclusion and a vision that transcends anything done before.”

His favorite escape: “Kauai is the most magical place on Earth. The energy there is so restorative and I always feel connected and fresh. I bring a Lemurian crystal with me to meditate with.”

His dream vanity raids: “Cleopatra had some wild alternatives to La Mer but I’d also love to talk lipstick with Divine.”

Photo: Orlando Peagio

Written by Amber Kallor

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