David Pirrotta’s Top 5 Picks For Fall

Favorite Things: Fall Edition
David Pirrotta’s Top 5 Picks For Fall
While we move into what looks like another phase of closures and uncertainty around the pandemic, at the same time, a sort of veil is being lifted. Fall is a time for going inward, yet we’ve all been expressing ourselves noisily via social media, and with good cause. Now that we feel we’re on a hopeful path, I’ve been prepping for the new season preemptively.

For most of us, cooler temps can mean dry skin and strange conditions. Even the Los Angeles version of cooler weather can have our skin freaking out, so it’s important we get ahead of the curve and moisturize in preparation. To do this, I start with exfoliation.

1. Saya Coffee Scrub

I’m so into my Saya coffee scrub to get rid of any lingering summer layers. My tequila-filled respite in the sun was lovely in its heyday, but it’s time to prep my skin for deep hydration and enter this new seasonal phase. This scrub is also really invigorating after a morning workout, and I’m trying to stay on my summer workout game instead of letting it slip.

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2. Campo Relax Body Oil

The most luxurious, self-loving ritual post steamy shower and exfoliation is to give myself a head-to-toe massage in my Campo body oils. They have botanical blends for every mood and need. Their Relax blend has come in handy a lot this year. My strategy is to deeply moisturize before the dry cold sets in, so that it’s never a real problem for me. 

Relax Body Oil
Relax Body Oil

Dispels feelings of stress and anxiety to promote deep relaxation.

Gives your skin an instant glow and an infusion of nourishing and deep hydration.

A calming blend of herbaceous floral notes of French Lavender, Rosemary CT Cineole, Frankincense, Italian Neroli Orange Blossom, Sweet Orange and Bitter Orange. Blended with 100% natural beauty carrier oils.

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3. Sigil Solutio

I’m a huge fragrance guy, and lately I’ve been head over heels with all things by Sigil Scent. The founder, Patrick, is a genius, which is evident in his gorgeous packaging and every single one of his fragrances. Lately I have been feeling the forestry, herbal, cedar notes in his Solutio scent.

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4. Balmain x Trudon Candle

Scent is also a big part of my home. The Cire Trudon candles are a staple in my home, all of the fragrances encompass my favorite notes. They hit bergamot, cedarwood, grapefruit, tobacco, patchouli… it’s like elevated earth hippie meets French foyer and it’s perfect. My go-to right now is the Balmain x Trudon collaboration candles.

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5. David's Toothpaste

With all this talk of maskne, I’m convinced a major culprit is our oral care. We just launched David’s toothpaste, which I love for quality, taste, and packaging, all while being totally affordable. Keep your mouths clean to keep your skin fresh in the latest version of normal, am I right?

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