Products Written in The Cosmos

Your perfect astrological product pairings.
Products Written in The Cosmos
Baby, what’s your serum? As we are inundated with products of all kinds, from every angle, it can be a challenge to know which is right for you. Not only is our skin so different, but so are all our lifestyles and choices, environmental factors, stress, etc. No two people need the exact two things, and that goes for everything. So how do we determine our needs?

We love to think that a good part of our disposition is dictated by the cosmos. Not just because we are huge fans of astrology and the mystical, but because it gives us some semblance of understanding about ourselves. Not to mention, this understanding tends to track. Cancers and Pisces are sensitive souls, Virgos love structure, Tauri are grounded… you get it.

We spoke with Corduroy, an astrologer with a love of beauty and all things skincare for a breakdown of the signs, so we can see what products are written for us in the stars. Maybe your moon sign speaks more to you here in terms of the right product. Maybe it’s your ascendant, your sun, or all 3 for a beautiful routine.

Aries - Wonder Valley Face Oil

“The first sign in the zodiac, Aries have a spry, playful, innocent, and a ‘me first’ approach to life,” Corduroy explains.

“They are trail-blazing pioneers and entrepreneurs. They like to feel capable and ready. Wonder Valley Face Oil face oil is perfect for them because they can meet every single challenge with their best face forward.”

Emollient, rich, powerfully cleansing, and yet refreshingly pure, Wonder Valley’s face oil is the perfect pairing for a minimalistic Aries routine. Plus, the packaging looks absolutely stunning in an Aries dream #shelfie.

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Taurus- Saya Refining pink clay mask

“The steadfast bull loves to work hard and play just as hard. A Venus-ruled Earth-sign, it loves anything stimulated by the five senses. The Venusian influence makes them enjoy the finer things in life. Having a pampering in the finest clays will make them feel grounded and opulent.”

This pretty pink clay looks delicate, but is a robust detoxifier for congested pores. Niacinamide helps cellular communication to reverse sun damage and hold in moisture for a true multi-tasking mask ally.

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Gemini- Ilia Lip Conditioner

“Geminis are all talk. This sign is ruled by Mercury, and is of the air element, so exchanging information is important. Chatting, gossiping, story-telling, informing... this sign has a lot of things to talk about. Keeping the lips hydrated will be important to this sign as they delve into the hottest tea with friends.”

The Ilia Balmy Tint Lip Conditioner is one of our favorite daily, anytime products, and comes in 7 gorgeous, dynamic shades. It’s a subtle, but definitely-there, juicy pop of color to keep any pout ready for a tell-all.

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Cancer - Nature of Things Magnesium Soak

“Cancer has a deep connection with water and maternal energy, specifically the mother and her womb. Like the minerals and support we all once received from being in the womb, Nature of Things Magnesium Soak mimics that comfort, giving us that care we need to be able emerge from the waters refreshed, soothed, and ready to return to our lives.”

Mineral deficiencies are prevalent, and a major cause of skin issues, sleep issues, digestive duress, and even hormonal imbalances. A magnesium bath soak has to be the most relaxing and enjoyable way to soak in some crucial minerals, especially for a water sign that thrives in the tub.

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Leo-  Ode to self - de Palma oil

“Self loving Leo is the creative powerhouse. Like the sun in the sky, which it is ruled by, Leos lighten up everyone's life with their originality. However, they need a lot of affirmation to let their light be seen. Having an ‘Ode to Self’ will energize this sign with purpose and popularity.”

We love a Leo, and so does a Leo. Ode to Self is a clarifying, purifying, and restorative treatment to keep skin clear, even, and glowing as radiantly as they deserve with jojoba, evening primrose, rosehip, and sea buckthorn.

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Virgo- Ingredients Plant water mist

“Virgo is the careful, calculated, and curated sign. Virgos lean to being health conscious and organic. These earth signs are represented by a maiden carrying a sheaf of wheat. The connection to the plants and earth is important, however just like plants these signs need the hydration.”

The organized, the regimented, the clean freaks (in a good way), we see you and we love you. Thai plant water mist will cleanse the skin and the aura, making way for a smooth and hydrated day ahead.

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Libra- Nature of Things Balancing Facial Essence

“Represented by a set of balanced scales, this sign needs harmony and order for centeredness. Also ruled by Venus, this sign also has an eye for beauty and perfection. They will need a product like this to add to their flawless skincare routine.”

Essences are essentially a hybrid of serums and toners. They prep the skin with light, luscious hydration for all-over even application of following products in your routine, making sure the pores are supple and available to absorb your activities without damaging the cells. This light formula brings harmony to our acid and lipid mantle, making it the ultimate balancer.

Balancing Facial Essence
Balancing Facial Essence

Made without alcohol or harsh astringents, our formula uses bioactive ingredients to refine pores, absorb excess sebum, and balance pH levels. Botanical antioxidants combined with French thermal water and Swiss apple stem cells stimulate skin cell production and protect against environmental factors that lead to visible signs of aging. Korean seaweed and mallow extract combat redness and hyperpigmentation to brighten and even skin tone.

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Scorpio- Lesse Bioactive Mask

“One of the main pillars of Scorpio energy is to go within for transformation. This sign abhors shallowness, and quite frequently finds themselves going through metamorphosis to get to a new level of authenticity— much like how the Lesse bioactive mask transforms the skin and detoxifies any superficialities.”

We Stan a genuine person, just as much as we do genuine ingredients. The whole Lesse line is simple, straightforward, and absolutely no BS, but this mask is an ideal product in any lineup, no matter what other products make up your routine.

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Sagittarius-  Saya Super Serum

We love a product that does it all, and the Super Serum by Saya definitely does, like, a lot. Niacinamide helps to restore and strengthen the skin barrier, while patented B complex delivers intense hydration, soothing, and healing action for stressed, acne-prone skin.

“Sagittarius the centaur aims its bow and arrow heavens-ward, reaching to expand its horizons. Jupiter, its ruling planet, represents expansion and abundance. Their philosophy of  ‘go big or go home’ is much like this super serum.”

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Capricorn - LESSE Regeneration Mist

Some don’t understand the significance of mists, and that’s ok, more for us. They not only prep, tone, balance, and hydrate the skin, but they elevate. Mood, energy, productivity, it’s all raised to a higher, more operative vibration from a simple little botanical spritz. But as simple as LESSE’s line is, it’s also thoughtful, careful, and intentional. Capricorns don’t half-ass things, and neither does LESSE.

“Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn, a planet symbolized of rules, time, karma, and regeneration. Saturn likes dedication and rewards those who commit. With commitment, The Regeneration Mist can’t beat time but can work with time to regenerate your skin back to a state of robustness.”

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Aquarius - Campo Travel Diffuser

“Aquarius, the ‘Water Bearer,’ is ruled by the planet Uranus, the planet representing electricity and innovation. He holds a flowing jug of water that represents his ability to pour out his elevated visions of the future for the collective. The Campo Travel Diffuser echoes the symbology of Aquarius, the brilliance of technology and the mist that diffuses bringing all who is around to an enlightened state.”

Campo’s electrifying scents have the power to transform a space, a mood, and a mindstate. They are powerful sources of energy that work in tandem to shift our own, much like the flow of Aquarius’ qi. We love this little travel diffuser to take on the go— because Aquarius's love to keep moving.

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Pisces- Ilia Blue Light Mist 

Mists can seem nebulous, literally and figuratively. What are they for? Do we need them, or do they just feel good? Well, we are big fans of things that feel good. But they actually serve a purpose. Mists are hydrating, balancing, and with the right ingredients, active protectors. Cue Ilia Blue Light Mist.

“Illusive Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. The planet itself has no core and is just a floating ball of vapor. This mystic gas makes its way into the Pisces energy as a channel for their intuition. Their intuition is Pisces’ guide for protection, much like Ilia’s mist protects against blue light and pollution.”

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Written by Nicole Lesmeister

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