Hair Products That Let You Do Less

Less effort is going to look effortless.
Hair Products That Let You Do Less
Summer hair is all about embracing the season and being carefree— or at least looking like you are. But what if we could achieve the effortless look with at least a fraction of the actual effort your stylist does when you come in for a trim?

We’re all about looking tousled, salted, sunkissed, and texturized, like we just got back from a dip in the ocean or misted with a light summer rain. It’s not about adding weight, it’s about adding lift, texture, and maybe some healthy shine.

Things are already heating up, and we don’t want to add layers of product, or feel oily, or subject ourselves to build up. Time to let the summer breeze fondle our locks and leave the rest to nature! Here are some of our favorite products to spritz, scrunch, and finger into our hair for that get-up-and-go look.


Salt spray is a no-brainer for that instant beach look. Activate your natural waves, or add a little textural piecey-ness by either lightly misting, or fully saturating and toying around with your locks. Scrunch them, twist them, twirl them around your fingers, and manipulate the instant flexible hold texture that sea mineral salts offer.

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UNITE Texturiza Spray

Add both volume and texture for lasting, promising results no matter the temperature or humidity. It goes on clear, so no rubbing in powdery white. It adds virtually zero weight, so limp, thinning locks can get a well-deserved boost. It’s buildable, malleable, and excellent on all hair types, and is fabulous for adding depth to beachy waves!

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FELLOW Styling Cream

Excellent for longer and mid-length hair, this cream is the ultimate for French Girl vibes. Get a lived in texture with added beauty benefits like conditioning botanicals that will hydrate and soften natural waves while giving a tousled, lived-in look

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DAVID MALLETT Spray No.2 Le Volume

Dying for a little volume? Please do not tease (we really hope no one is still doing this). Add a little lift to next-day styles, or boost your fresh look with this instant volume in a bottle. Sometimes it’s not actually your hair, it’s just your roots. It’s amazing what little height and buoyancy near the scalp can provide, as well as a weightless, healthy, full look. It’s also great for your strands with revitalizing and regenerating proteins while providing flexible hold. It’s a year-round multi-tasker, but especially useful to keep us from wilting in the heat!

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SACHAJUAN Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioner sounds scary to some. Those with limp, fine, or thinner locks tend to think of it as an automatic no-no for weighing down their hair and adding instant grease. But that doesn’t mean finer-haired folks are impervious to dry strands, and we need a product that can hang! Cue Sachajuan. There’s good reason this particular leave-in is one of Kaia Gerber’s go-to products. It’s oil free and weightless, actually adds body as well as rich moisture and shine, and is perfect for damp, towel dried hair for that literal rinse-and-run style that looks perfectly hydrated and undone.

Leave In Conditioner
Leave In Conditioner
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FELLOW Everyday Tonic

Like your favorite facial mist, for your hair. It helps remove buildup and prep for other products or styling. It’s a great way to reactivate limp waves and curls, or get a midday refresh— plus, it smells fantastic.

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Written by Nicole Lesmeister

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