9 Gifts For Anyone and Everyone

These genderless crowd-pleasers are a guaranteed hit.
9 Gifts For Anyone and Everyone
This past year arguably made self-care more important than ever. From toilet paper shortages to election anxiety, it’s fair to say we’ve all needed a pick-me-up from time to time—and the beauty industry made a formidable effort in 2020 to appeal to everyone regardless of where they fall on the gender spectrum.

While adopting a unisex approach isn’t exactly new and there’s still a long ways to go, the number of brands who are actively working to abolish antiquated gender labels is encouraging. “New skincare brands like Pharrell’s Humanrace are really showing that no matter who you are, skin is skin,” explains David Yi, founder of Very Good Light and author of Pretty Boys (available June 2021). He believes that “with more information and a more fluid consumer base, brands will have no other choice but to be more inclusive.” 

At the top of Yi’s wish list for 2021 and beyond: “Representation when it comes to beauty campaigns and also those who work for a brand,” he says. “Brands need to reflect and understand that the world doesn’t look one way—we need to diversify in thought, leadership, and when it comes to decision-making.” He’d also like to see retailers create a section for non-binary beauty, a decision that would not only support self-expression and shift societal perceptions but inevitably boost sales.

David Yi, Founder of Very Good Light

As we wait for stores to rearrange their shelves, companies to reorganize internally, and a genderless future to finally arrive, we asked Yi to share his favorite holiday gifts for anyone and everyone on your list.

1. Sachajuan Dry Shampoo Mousse: $37

Sachajuan hair products smell great and give hair a boost,” says Yi. Even if you’ve skipped a wash day (or three!), the brand’s foaming dry shampoo might just compel you turn your camera on during a Zoom meeting.

2. Theragun Mini: $199

“This device is essential for eliminating knots, especially for those who are hunched over a desk with nowhere to go,” says Yi.

3. Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation: $54

“Ilia’s foundations slays,” raves Yi. “It looks amazing and goes on seamlessly but leaves skin looking like skin.” Created with all complexions in mind, this weightless base is infused with aloe leaf, rosehip, and marula oil to simultaneously soothe, soften, and even skin tone.

4. Bearaby Velvet Napper: $279

“This changed everything for me,” says Yi, who recommends Bearaby’s upcycled weighted blanket for any anxious person (i.e., everyone existing in 2020). “It’s also super chic and comes in delightful colors.”

5. Corpus Natural Deodorant: $24

“I absolutely love Corpus,” says Yi. “The fragrances are subtle but delicious.” Plus, the mint-green packaging instantly elevates any shelf.

6. The Nue Co. Probiotic Plant Protein – Plant: $55

An endless supply of wine and junk food are practically essentials these days. “You need a good supplement to help your gut and I love this one,” says Yi.

7. Campo Diffuser: $97

“Calm, cool, collected—we’re none of that for 2020 but this gets you closer to Zen,” says Yi.

8. True Heart Intuitive Tarot: $30

What will 2021 bring? “This tarot set will show you all!” says Yi. No matter which cards you pull, it has to go up from here.

9. Words From the Heart: PRICELESS

“I’d love to receive notes of love and encouragement,” says Yi. “It’s been a tough year to say the least.”

Written by Amber Kallor

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