Highlighting Female Brand Founders For Women's History Month

Highlighting Female Brand Founders For Women's History Month
Women’s History Month serves as a powerful, month-long, annual reminder. It hits refresh on the fact that women have had to work twice as hard to get to where we are today in terms of rights, power, reverence, and success, and we still aren’t near a picture of total equality. Not all of us can dedicate our lives to activism, but in a way, by simply being a woman, everything that we do to improve our own lives and carve out our version of success brings us all closer.

At Materiae, we are proud every day, not just the month of March. Our female-owned brands are all incredible, innovative, beautiful products that we adore, use, and stand behind. They are all the brain-and-heart babies of incredible, powerhouse women with a vision. Their work feeds their souls, but it also feeds the machine we rely on to bring us closer to a world of equity and balance. Here are a few of our favorite brands by the ladies we love.

Saya McDermott, founder of SAYA

Noosa local Saya McDermott has been formulating, researching and training in natural skincare since the age of 17. Suffering through years of eczema and breakouts, Saya tried hundreds of products but couldn’t find skincare that would deliver the results she needed. It wasn’t until she started making her own natural products she finally saw relief. Wanting to help others suffering from problem skin, Saya was determined to produce a purely-plant based collection that would not only nourish the skin but also aid it in healing itself. Falling in love with the power of Native Australian Botanicals, Saya incorporates these powerhouse ingredients into all of her products and continues to innovate her formulas to provide a truly diverse, certified organic skincare range.

Kimberlee Alexandria, founder of ODE TO SELF

Devotion, sacredness, and intention are just a few words that come to mind when thinking about Ode To Self Skincare. Kimberlee Alexandria, founder of Ode To Self, found herself searching for meaning in her work. She sought a way to bring meaning to other’s lives while emphasizing the importance of self-care. It’s in the name: Ode To Self. While trying to please others, Kimberlee neglected her own physical and emotional needs and realized that true happiness and fulfillment come from within. Taking care of her body and mind inspired Kimberlee to do the same for her skin. This reborn passion for skincare was the catalyst for Ode To Self.

Sasha Plavsic, founder of ILIA

At its core, Ilia elevates makeup by focusing on not just what’s been taken out (goodbye toxins), but what’s been put in too—skin nourishing natural and organic ingredients that nourish the skin while giving it a natural, healthy glow. They call it ‘clean color.’ The best part? Founder Sasha Plavsic created one-of-a-kind formulas that do all this with zero sacrifice when it comes to richly pigmented, fashion-forward hues with intense color payoff. Plavsic is a firm believer that when chosen carefully, and combined effectively, healthy naturals and synthetics create the best payoff—so each Ilia product is crafted with ingredients from both groups. She runs the company with her brother, Zachary. She handles product development and creative direction while he manages operations and continues to grow the brand into one of the natural beauty world’s most recognizable lines

Jin Soon Choi, founder of JINSOON

Jin Soon Choi is called upon for runway shows, editorial photo shoots, and red carpet manicures. And while not all of us will get the chance to have Jin Soon herself paint our nails, we can use her namesake collections 10-free formulas. The brand makes its nontoxic polishes in both classic, timeless hues and frequently releases trendy, fashion-forward seasonal additions. These high quality hues give rich, lustrous color payoff in just 1-2 coats, all without any sacrifice on staying power either.

Melanie Simon, co-founder of ZIIP + MELANIE SIMON SKINCARE

Celebrity esthetician and creator of ZIIP, electrical esthetician Melanie Simon originally created her single product skincare line as the result of her search for a topical treatment to use in her treatment room. The glow-producing Serum C was, until recently, only available to Simon’s private clients, who fell in love with the handmade concoction. Now, in its bare, wax-seal marked bottle, the pure and potent treatment is available to anyone and fans have become addicted to the results: tightened pores, reduced redness, diminished fine lines, and bright, glowing skin.

Melanie Mayron, founder of MAYRON'S GOODS

Actress Melanie Mayron, most known for her role as Melissa Steadman in the hit show “Thirtysomething,” decided to create a natural, clean, and beautiful product for her children, and now a men’s line. With her pharmaceutical chemist father, Melanie set out to develop Mayron’s Goods. The paraben-free natural products leave skin feeling smooth and soft to the touch.

Written by Nicole Lesmeister
Illustration by Marine de Quénetain

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