The Holistic Goddess: Shiva Rose

Actress, activist, author, entrepreneur, and Hollywood earth mother
The Holistic Goddess: Shiva Rose
Long before Gwyneth Paltrow spawned Goop and the concept of wellness became inextricably linked to beauty, there was Shiva Rose. Tucked away in the Santa Monica Mountains, the actress, activist, author, entrepreneur, and Hollywood earth mother regularly whips up lotions and potions for lit-from-within skin in her Los Angeles oasis. Her transition from the big and small screens to the beauty business began with a holistic blog, The Local Rose, designed to document her path. “About ten years ago, I was changing my life,” she explains. “I had some autoimmune issues and I was getting divorced, so I just needed to go back to nature.”

While Rose says the natural beauty space was still very “hippy and granola” at the time and there was “nothing very chic about being green,” it was a topic she was deeply passionate about. After sharing things she had been doing for years to “heal herself,” like making her own natural deodorant and adding minerals to her water, she developed a loyal online following. It was during her daily Kundalini meditation practice, however, that the idea to sell her now cult-favorite Rose Face Oil came about. “I didn’t realize it was the beginning of the oil movement,” she says. “It was just great timing and that’s what happens when you’re in tune with your source and your soul. Those things guide you.”

Regardless of whether it was her soul or simply incredible products that steered her eponymous line down a pathway to success, Rose continues to innovate in her at-home studio surrounded by crystals that give her formulas a good “vibration” that undoubtedly resonates with consumers. “Right now, I’m creating a love oil. I’m soaking all these herbs and adaptogens so that I can make an oil tincture,” she says excitedly. “That’s the magic of creating your own line.” Inspired by what she’s “feeling,” Rose is also developing a strawberry serum specifically for women over 40 that “marries modern technology and natural ingredients.”

For Rose, however, beauty isn’t just skin deep. “I think that your heart and your inner life really does manifest in your exterior face and countenance,” she says. “A compassionate and empathetic heart is really crucial. It can show through your eyes. That never ages.” To maintain radiance from the inside out, she suggests “meditation, earthing, drinking clean water, re-mineralizing, and eating organically.” She also advices going off the grid now and again. “We lose sight of our intuition, our joy, and our ability to just be present,” said the skin sage of society’s obsession with social media.

Here, Rose reveals how she unwinds, finds inspiration for her next creation, and why she leaves her eyebrows alone.

Her best business advice: “Sometimes it's okay not to know the answer right away. Trust your instincts and do what you love. There are a few products that I've made and loved that maybe other people have been like, Huh? Once in a while there will be a miss, but I think that's also how you get a hit. Try to be unique. I usually try to create something that’s not on the market that I want for myself. I don’t look to see what else is out there. It's sort of like when I was acting—I never wanted to see how somebody else portrayed a role because then you are influenced. I try to stay in my own bubble and create my own idea around a product. I think it's great to be inspired by people, but you also have to listen hard to your own voice. That’s what is going to make you stand out.”

Her ride-or-die beauty product: “I love RMS. I just ran out of the undereye concealer. I have to buy a vat of that! [“Un” Cover-Up] melts into skin and feels so good.”

Her daily de-stress routine: After growing up in Iran, Rose brought the bathing rituals she remembers from her childhood stateside. “We used to go the hammam once a week, usually on Fridays. It’s very important to scrub your body of all the dead skin,” she says. “I definitely have a bath ritual that I do every day at night. It’s how I release the energy of the day. I have a body scrub that is very popular called Sea Siren with algae, coconut, and cayenne, so I usually use that. I set intentions in my bath. I play mantras and then I anoint myself with body oils afterwards.” When Rose is in need of a professional sloughing, she heads straight to Beverly Hot Springs, a traditional Korean bath house. “You can get a scrub there or do your own and soak in the bath,” she said.

 Her beauty mantra: I am beautiful. I am blissful. I am blessed. It's a Kundalini mantra. I call upon it whenever I need it.”

Her ultimate indulgence: “I love getting different body work done, which I think is good for your skin. I like lymphatic massage, which is really good for your face, especially if you get puffy like I do. I love this gua sha tool that my friend Britta  made. I've been using it every day. My friend Sadie Adams from Take Care also does amazing facials that use radio frequency.”

Her favorite escape: “I always crave nature when I get overwhelmed, so I loved going to Big Sur when it wasn't so crowded. Now, I go to Texas a lot. My partner is there and we have land in Hill Country. My partner makes a Japanese hot bath for us with a wood burning stove. It’s amazing. The last full moon, I think we were sitting in the tub and I had a mask on and I was like, ‘Okay, this is perfection.’”

Her biggest beauty mistake: “I shaved my eyebrows when I was in high school. I'm really lucky they came back. It was LA in the late ’80s and I think I had red hair and shaved eyebrows. It was pretty horrific. My dad would cover his face when he looked at me. I haven’t messed with my hair or eyebrows since.”

Her beauty icon: “I love how Georgia O’Keeffe stuck to a look. I also love people who are aging gracefully and are okay with it, like actress Rachel Weisz. She doesn't look like she's had work done on her face and she's really just so beautiful.”

Her dream vanity raid: “My friend Rosetta Getty has good stuff. She’s very natural, yet classic and chic. She gets a lot of [beauty] treats in Italy that we don't have here.”

Written by Amber Kallor
Photo by Kristine Lo for Matta Clothing

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