How to Give Yourself a Spa-Worthy At-Home Facial

It’s possible to achieve some pretty winning results without leaving your house
How to Give Yourself a Spa-Worthy At-Home Facial
When you book a facial, it’s rarely on a whim. It’s a plan with intention, and whether that intention is a deep pore purge or a quick glow for a night out, it’s possible to achieve some pretty winning results without leaving your house or putting on pants.

Cleanse , obviously!

It’s more than simply taking your makeup off. Start with an oil on a microfiber or muslin cloth in circular motions until you’ve loosened all the grime. Double cleanse with a gentle cleanser after the oil, to rinse away everything you’ve loosened up.  Gentle Hydrating Cleanser ($35), Hydra+ Oil Gel Facial Cleanser ($59)

Invite your pores to relax.

Your pores don’t open and shut like an elevator door, but you can convince them to let their guard down  with a steam or a hot towel. Not too hot, but warm enough you can feel a tingling sensation on your skin, which indicates a slight opening. Steaming is a great option for those with less sensitive skin, but if you’re prone to dryness, go with a warm towel.

You can soak your towel in well filtered hot water that’s been steeped with herbal teas, or infused with a drop or two of your favorite essential oils.  Relax Essential Oil ($45). This blend with lavender is antimicrobial and so relaxing– it really adds to the spa-like experience. Of course, you’ll want to wring out your towel before pressing onto your face, so make sure the water isn’t too hot to touch. This is also a great time to some (light) extractions with a spatula tool, but anything that doesn’t come easy, leave to the professionals.

Apply your masks. 

If you’re going for a true at-home-spa vibe, double-masking is an effective way to achieve top notch glow! Try a clay mask either pre-prepared, or a powdered clay mixed with filtered water, green tea, or rosewater to gently pull out deeply imbedded toxins.  French Pink Clay ($28)

 For the second round, follow up with nourishing mask, like manuka honey and chlorella, or go for some exfoliation to brighten things up, like some fruit enzymes.  The nourishing masks can stay on for as long as you have time to relax, but the enzyme masks work quickly– you’ll definitely want to rinse these off in a matter of minutes– typically 3-5.

Prime for products.

Use a toner if it’s in your practice and you can’t live without it, but after a deep purge and exfoliation like this, you can go straight for an essence.  It gives back some of the moisture your clay masks may have absorbed in their plight for pore-purging, and primes the skin to receive maximum benefits from your serums.  Detox Toner ($58)

Seal the deal.

If it’s the morning, reach for a vitamin C serum on your newly exfoliated and nourished skin. If it’s the evening, go for a retinol or vitamin serum, and follow up with moisturizer  and facial oil, in that order.   Serum C ($200)

Written by Nicole Lesmeister

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