The Microcurrent Skincare Leader: Tera Peterson

The NuFACE cofounder built a best-selling brand out of her family’s garage.
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The Microcurrent Skincare Leader: Tera Peterson
For Tera Peterson, cofounder of NuFACE, it’s never too late (or too early!) to change the course of time—especially when a solid skincare routine is involved. She learned this lesson as a child when she made “house calls” in the ’80s with her mother-turned-business-partner, Carol Cole, a microcurrent facial pioneer who tended to the complexions of Hollywood’s elite. Peterson also discovered the power of personal transformation when she switched job tracks later in life and became a certified aesthetician (ultimately accumulating her own roster of A-list fans).
I always thought that I wanted a high-power business career, wearing a suit every day and working in a high-rise. After finishing school and starting in sales, I realized that path wasn’t for me.
A far cry from the corner office of her dreams, Peterson’s entrepreneurial journey actually began in her family’s garage in Encinitas, California. It was there that she developed the first FDA-cleared, at-home microcurrent device alongside her mom and sister in 2005—effectively electrifying beauty routines around the globe with a handheld invention that lifts, tightens and tones in just five minutes a day.

NuFace Microcurrent Facial Toning

Putting technology that was previously only available to pros in the palms of customers’ hands was only the beginning for Peterson and NuFACE. The 17-year-old brand has since expanded its offerings to include a range of topical skincare products and several other microcurrent devices that target everything from smile lines to cellulite, including the Mini, Trinity, FIX and NuBODY. Regardless of which tools you add to your arsenal, Peterson says consistency—whether you’re 18 or 80—is key to preventing and reversing damage.
For the absolute best results, I recommend that you use your NuFACE Trinity or Mini five minutes a day, five days a week for the first 60 days. After that, two to three days a week will help you maintain your gorgeous results.

NuFace Skincare

Here, Peterson explains why sticking with it is the secret to a smooth complexion and professional success.

Her best business advice: Take things one step at a time. I remember starting NuFACE and wanting everything to happen all at once. Great things take time. Be sure to surround yourself with incredibly smart and talented people with great passion!”

Her proudest product moments: “I’m super proud of our Microcurrent Skincare collection, which launched July 2021. The first two products, Aqua Gel and Silk Crème, are microcurrent activators that do more than just conduct the device’s current—they nourish with superfood ingredients that leave skin hydrated and glowing. I love developing products that are groundbreaking. Our Microcurrent Activators took five years to create.”

“We are also taking Microcurrent Skincare to a more concentrated level with the NuFACE Super Boosters. These three amazing serums help nourish the skin with clean, active ingredients and help enhance your results when powered up with microcurrent. I’m obsessed with them all—even when I'm not using my NuFACE devices.”

Her glowy skin secrets: “I have a morning routine which includes my 5-Minute Facial-Lift with an oil-free cleanser, Super Booster (usually our Super Antioxidant, Super Peptide and Super Vita-C cocktailed together!), Silk Crème Activator, and my Trinity Device. I always follow with eye cream, moisturizer and SPF. At night, I wind down with our Wrinkle Reducer LED Attachment and our Peptide and Vita-C Boosters. No matter what is going on that day, I always remember to NuFACE!”

Her biggest beauty indulgence: “Professional microcurrent treatments. I am fortunate enough to be spoiled by my mom but I love going to the spa as well. I love visiting SB Skin or Rescue Spawhen I’m in New York City. They both do amazing microcurrent facials.”

Her top drugstore discovery: “Shea Moisture coconut body wash and lotion. They smell like paradise!”

Her go-to beauty pros: “I’m really into learning more about health from Mona Vand andadvanced anti-aging procedures from Dr. Karam, a plastic surgeon in San Diego. I’ve done a few Instagram lives with [Dr. Karam] and love hearing about the techniques he uses to transform his clients and how we can non-invasively replicate those techniques with NuFACE.”

Her biggest beauty mistake: “I am a San Diego native and have lived by the beach all my life. In my teenage years, I was guilty of sunbathing. Now, I won’t leave the house unless I am slathered in SPF.”

Her beauty icon: “Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. She was effortlessly chic, didn’t wear a lot of makeup, and always had an easy hairstyle—my favorite was a center-parted bun. I also loved when she wore a red lip to add a little drama.”

Her favorite escape: “I love a quick getaway to Palm Springs or Ojai with my family. Supergoop! Glowscreen is no brainer when I’m going somewhere sunny and a Janessa Leoné hat for extra protection.”

Her dream vanity raid: “Cassandra Grey would be a great raid! She has such great style and has curated a wonderful beauty collection at Violet Grey.”

Tera Peterson NuFace Co-Founder

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