Concrete Box Large


Size: Large 8x8 Inches


Hold your prized possessions in this beautifully crafted concrete box with fallen wood lid. Satisfying to the touch, these boxes are great all around the home or office. Each box comes with a hand stamped bottom and cork pad feet. Lid comes hand sanded with a non-toxic natural oil finish.

Each vessel is solid cast concrete and is sealed with a non-toxic sealer. Each box is hand stamped and complete with cork pads on bottom. Lids are solid fallen wood from trees sourced locally in upstate NY. They are meticulously hand sanded and finished with a natural oil blend.

8″ L x 8″ W x 4″ H


IN.SEK challenges the current system and it’s disposable, wasteful culture. They create in the way of our ancestors with intention, an enduring spirit, and a beauty enriched by time and memories shared. Their work that is both functional and sculptural and we also consider its carbon footprint from cradle to grave. Aiming to create meaningful things and inspire others.

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